Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Strong words.No news.No change.

On my way home last night I passed my local newsagent.The Evening Standard flyer board..not usually my paper of choice...caught my eye and made me stop and backtrack.

'Met rocked by Apartheid Row'.


Now I know the 10th anniversary of the McPherson Report has caused a 'review of progress'(or lack) depending on who is talking...of how the Met has 'moved on'.

I was never convinced we had a serious position to move on from but that is a bye the bye for this particular ramble.

I had to call in and buy a copy to establish exactly what we had been up to generate such a comment.Had we been deliberately segregating as an organisation Whites and Non Whites. Where there separate queues in the canteen,separate entrances at police stations,different offices? a large swathe of indefensible activities in our not inconsiderable estate?

Actually no.. this is about a group of PCSO's working out of a Central London station. The article is as basic on details as is its header and is based on 'submissions' given by one PCSO about a number of others in a Tribunal concerning events at this ONE station. A sorry tale all round by the sounds and the actual truth is still in the mix.

Met rocked by Apartheid?...

I think Mr Stephenson has it right when he says 'pockets'....and very small pockets at that. Nothing worth picking in there.

Apart from my small change buying this paper to read this trash.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'll have a P please Paul

Its certainly the consonant of the moment.

The new Comish Paul Stephenson has laid his stall out in a 'direction of travel' speech to staff earlier this week. Every incoming boss has a signature 'stamp' to mark his first days in office and his is the 5 P's


Nothing flashy but suitably similar in tone to the governments Policing Pledge so as not to sound too 'off message'.A measured Piece of Product Placement you might say.

I am sure the 5 P's will appear in Posters in our stations over the next month or so.

There are always Posters.

But I am hoping we don't get the warrant card sized insert handouts. If I kept every one of those I have been issued with over the years my warrant card holder would be the size of a house brick.

I have read through Mr Stephenson's speech and basically I believe what he is trying to say is that what we do is in itself a very simple concept and I have to agree. Policing in its Purest form is keeping the Queens peace and the Prevention and detection of crime.

He does get a bit Preachy at a few points and is vague on issues such as Productivity and Performance. Measurability in these area is difficult and a Plethora of Police blogs testify to the corrosive effect of targets and its effects on Public Perception and morale.

There is an almost evangelical zeal in some parts but he must realise,and he admits that he has some considerable time in the job, that he has to convince the muttering/chattering blue masses that this is not a case of 'same horse different jockey'

The one P he doesn't refer to is Politics.

Our independence as an organisation has become P**s P**r.

How he deals with the infighting and demands of the Mayor of London's office, London Assembly and the Home office will,I think,define his tenure.

This speech was Pitched as a 'direction of travel'. As a Passenger on the team bus I hope he gets it right.