Friday, December 31, 2010

New year.... just like the old year.

A season of goodwill to all men?

Haven't seen much 'love of your fellow man' out there over our so called festive season.Working New Years Eve in particular was a tour of blue taped cordons and a mix of blood spattered fast food outlets and public footways.The initial inhabitants of these scenes were to be found in a variety of A&E.One A&E in particular,just South of the river looked like a forward reception area in a war zone.

Skimming through the news sites this morning,the arrest figures released seem small compared to the numbers in Central London last night. But they only relate to a defined area and not the rest(or its immediate outskirts)

I also dislike the generic word 'revellers' used to describe those who attend this every year.Like they are a bunch of happy go lucky folk from all corners of our Metropolis who might get a bit 'squiffy' and occasionally push their luck when they are here.


A good number of citizenry turn up to thieve,sexually molest,assault and intimidate by numbers.

Still,considering what the officers on the ground had to deal with I have not heard of any serious injury to any on duty so that's a result,full stop.

Aside from the numbers required for Aid 'up town' it was basic minimum staffing for the surrounding areas.As ever the teams make it work somehow.They always do.

Currently sipping on a large glass of good scotch(with a couple of bottles of Stella as a chaser)and I would like to raise my glass to all those who were on duty tonight and over the Christmas and New Year.

The assaults on the officers in Ealing recently remind me of how dangerous and unpredictable this job can be.

Stay safe,look after yourselves,colleagues and family and have a good 2011.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Timing is everything

Saw this early mornng and thought that that is one set of cajones on behalf of the off duty Madrid officer