Thursday, April 28, 2011

A HR too far

It would appear that our head of HR Mr Tiplady has decided to move on

The article suggests that Mr T was Number 4 in the most influential HR posts in er...the HR world ...whatever that may be.

The Commish gives his announcement in two lines.TWO LINES!!! for someone who apparently gave 9 years of his craft to the MET

I don't feel the loss there...maybe I am wrong.

There are some other issues with the media discussing his inappropriate behaviour with another MET linked worker...who knows?

Personal opinion

HR in the Met is a now a complete shambles.It has been centralised (on his watch)

Not that I had any great opinions of the local HR on borough before( the tail wagging the dog often cropped up in my mind) but to move to some form of centralisation seems to have fallen off the scale.

1.It places a big burden on local supervisors who now process stuff and pass on in the 'not so friendly' HR self service page.
2. It has a a call centre set up to deal with queries but no one can can get an answer during the day other than waiting at least 10-20 for an advisor to pick up the phone.
3.At its most basic,it has replaced the very simple and working system of local Borough Training units giving out dates for 'COMPULSORY' courses like OST and FIRST AID with a complicated and laborious system of putting a bid in via the HR web page and hopefully receiving an acknowledgement from your supervisor if its ok....For venues which can be at the other end of the MET from where you work.

Shambles is the politest I can come up with.

Mr Tiplady, bye bye..That's also the best I can come up with.

Saturday, April 02, 2011