Sunday, November 20, 2011

And again...

Ms May has put out the standard blurb regarding the officers injured on Saturday. When I say her I mean one of her aides cut and pasted something from the last time an officer was injured doing their duty.

About as genuine, heartfelt and useful as phrases such as ‘the cheque’s in the post’ or ‘care in the community’ which incidentally is were my money is regarding the background of the male in custody.

Still we must be grateful that they put the effort in. It must be tiring and time consuming work at the Home office ripping up the pension arrangements for thousands of police officers.

Police and law enforcement officers around the world will again be shaking their heads and wondering why we keep on doing what we do with the little we have.

The biggest weapon we have is not the collapsible metal stick or the tin of spray they send us out with it’s the courage, determination and sheer bloody mindedness of the officers on the street to do the job no matter what.

Will this change anything? Will BHH be signing off an order on Monday to roll out a useful number of Tazers to the front line troops? Will this bring about a sea change in opinion amongst the politicians and media….’ Support our police’ you can hear them cry.


The incident on Saturday is already media old news (although they would have kept it running if the suspect had been the one in intensive care…..cut to tearful family huddled on a sofa telling everyone he was a good boy…)

The Home Office has cranked out its mealy mouthed words of praise. They wouldn’t want our reputation as an unarmed service to be compromised would they. All those officers walking around with gun type things in holsters!! We don’t want to put off the punters coming to see the sprinters and pole vaulter’s in Stratford next year.

And the Federation?….I don’t think they are capable of organising a few pints at St James Gate Dublin.

Best wishes and a speedy recovery to my colleagues in Harrow.

You have done your job. Its time other people did theirs.