Sunday, March 27, 2011

Old post revisited

Re one of my now very infrequent posts dated November 2nd 2010.

Tucked away on page 12 of the Mail on Sunday is one of those mealy mouthed 'sorry buts'... its about the firearms officers AZ12 and AZ14 who allegedly quoted some song lyrics in their evidence in the inquest of Mark Saunders,the barrister shot at his Chelsea home.

IPCC have found no evidence to suggest that the officers did do such a thing and the MoS apologises 'for any distress caused'

Has the Evening 'below' Standard followed?

In the article for the Standard it was suggested the Commish himself was 'outraged' Misquoted? I don't recall anyone from the Commish's office challenging it. Will the Commish or his office offer words of polite reconciliation to the officers maligned?

I await and see.

I don't know why I still buy the Daily Wail. Once I have enough tokens for the Cornish Holiday Home competition to send off they can poke it! Lets face it, the way things are going with pay and pensions you have to make some provision for your future.I am not sure the blandness of the Fed circulations re-assure me on top of the complete silence on the issues from SMT at New Scotland Yard.

Any chance of the Commish being outraged about this?