Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sympathy and an ......

Another officer will not see 2008 due to just trying to do his job

The MET officer has been named as Chris Roberts a father of three.

My sympathy and best wishes goes out to his family,friends and colleagues at this time.

An opinion.

The MET/MEDIA seem very keen to stress that his death was due to natural causes.According to the Mail article a Scotland yard spokesman seemed keen to stress that although Chris was involved in 'effecting the arrest' of this individual he was not assaulted by him.

Heaven forbid there may be any aspersions on the ex-partner involved

I have been involved in 'effecting the arrest' of a number of people over the years. Whilst in some I could never claim to be directly assaulted I was left like others,tired,out of breath with adrenaline pumping as they are detained.

Early days in a tragic loss...I know the investigating officers will look at all options concerning the individual concerned. What happens to him is out of our hands.

Again, best wishes to those close to this brave officer

Friday, December 21, 2007

Just wrap it up...

...And label it 'being tough'.

The latest initiative peddled is the threat to drivers using mobile phones.


Those that commit murder and serious assaults are threatened with 'life imprisonment' but seem to be o/s the walls of HMP prior to their natural demise.
This particular example is one of a number of 'jail jail jail' yet we have no places. We are setting people free early to make more space.
This is not belittling the offence of driving whilst on the mobile etc.. but they could be dealt with by strict enforcement leading to fines/penalty points /disqualification ...leaving the possibility of available spaces being left for people I would want to be off the streets for at least some time.

Another media soundbite to be placed under the festive Criminal Justice tree with the rest

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Barricades on standby

Well that's it then. The Federations finest have assembled in Bunker London for Operation 'Storm the Gates' After hours of hothousing detailed plans in how to deal with the situation they emerge angry, belligerent and er...
Call for the immediate resignation of the Home Secretary and talk of a ballot about the right to strike.

On hearing this, I believe the howls of Ms Smith echoed around the halls of Westminster as she bemoaned her fate.

Well that leaves me with trying to find ideas as to how to make up a few extra quid next year.

I am thinking about putting in a bid for a place on the next Big Brother.I mean its pretty much like a lot of stuff I've seen and done over the years in the job...

Turning up at some place I've never been to before to be fed and watered...
Talking b*****ks for hours on end to keep amused waiting for something to happen...
Been given pointless tasks to do with no apparent reason...
Get the feeling I am constantly being watched...
Being called regularly into a small room by management for a chat..

yep.. worth a run.