Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moving on....

I think it was the article in the papers about the PCSO’s wearing the step counters and how many miles they walked that tipped me over the edge. I was mulling this over and thought if they recently ever strapped one on my leg and checked a week later they would probably call in an FME to check for signs of life. I realised I had become very disillusioned with what I was currently doing and the way it was run. Things had become far too quiet and there was a lot of talk about doing things, but not actually doing it.

Anyway a couple of weeks later I was back in the real world again and it was like I had never been away.Volume crime,lots of it and never enough people to keep the workloads manageable. Still it keeps the brain active as I keep a number of plates spinning, hoping the plate that falls off won’t cost me my job.Its been a bit hectic whilst I find my ‘sea legs’ again which is my excuse for missing January and February and most of March

I was quickly reminded that a good day when you are rostered dealing with prisoners is to find one who is an adult,speaks English,is deemed without mental health issues,does not require a solicitor and has provided an address suitable for bail.
I had also forgotten how long it takes to actually book one in. The list of questions asked of our poor customer contains enquiries on many issues including their dietary needs and is their detention today going to affect any child care issues.

'I shouldn't go out and commit crime so these questions would not be needed officer'

This response would be a start but sadly we get requests for a number of diets and of course there often seems to be a young one or three awaiting the return of the parent home from the day of toil to provide and care for their loved ones.
Unfortunately diligent store detectives and security often get in the way of such parenting, but somehow its become the custody staff's issue to resolve it!

Mustn't grumble...means to an end... unless that plate falls off..mmmmm must dash