Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Last one out please...

Having given myself a break from typing out my third TIU request of the day.
I know its going to be prepay but I have to tick that box!
I took a look at Corporate News.
Header 'Lights out in London'

I almost cheered up..flashbacks..one of my favourite Albums of the 70's.
A time when I had hair and a passably interesting social life.

Had the Met embraced the classic rockers UFO to promote something?
No,its the MET making an environmental statement.We are joining a list of organisations who on the 21st June will be switching off the lights between 9-10pm.
However Health and Safety considerations and Operational requirements have to be considered.So basically thats going to mean the floor containing Admin, FandR, Duties and Senior management.
It gets very quiet up there past 6pm.

Apparently as a city we are trying to beat Sydneys record.
I can feel my pulse racing already.

I always thought the Met had a head start on this over the years with the selling off,limiting opening hours or mothballing the smaller sub stations on Borough.
Sorry,I am not thinking that one through.That comes under Rationalisation/Efficiency.

As we are now all carbon footprints and trying to save the planet I will try and reach out to my inner self.On the 21st I will find myself in some quiet dark room between 9-10 on the upper floors, I will kick my shoes off and sit cross-legged on the nicely carpeted floor.. meditate.. looking for that inner truth....something simple to sum up the way we are...wait its coming.. I can hear it now.. Phil Mogg belting out those lines..

Heaven help those who help themselves
That's the way it goes
The frightening thoughts of whats been taught
And now it shows.


Monday, June 11, 2007


Another brave officer lost....I really worry that this is happening too often.
That we try and keep the lid on a 'pressure cooker' of a society that those 'in charge' dont take responsibilty for and those that do lose their lives in the attempt.

RIP Jon Henry.
Thoughts to his wife,daughter and family.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Another day......

...........another apology

Imagine.. a dimly lit room,only a light over the table in the middle. Two sides face each other over the table each holding a set of cards.Official side breaks the silence.

'Sir I have four Aces'
The other side does not blink
'Sir I have the Race card'

Official side folds.

I have tried to avoid comment on the subject of Mr Dizaei.
The whole issue tends to send me reaching for the packet of Setlers in the bathroom cabinet.

The MBPA seems to want to extract every last ounce out of this issue. The careful wording in the article would suggest some wrangling behind the scenes to come out with some form of statement which could be deemed 'acceptable' to both sides.

This post is not meant to be a tirade against the MBPA. However it appears to me that it comes across as an organisation that treats any criticism of its members as racially motivated rather than the motivation of genuinely held concerns as to the behaviour of that member.

There would appear to be a number of things unearthed during Operation Helios that do not do Mr Dizaei any credit at all.

How things have developed since has left a lot of officers out there thinking 'If that was me I would have been nailed to the wall'

This is not healthy