Thursday, February 16, 2012

Met Laureate (lite)

Latest from the Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate (DCFD)

It’s celebrating International Women’s day.
Shame on you if you didn’t know
They have asked if we want to put our views into verse
Those who are picked can have a discussion over elevenses with the director of DCFD to discuss the Gender Agenda

Themes are
1. Recruitment, retention or progression within the MPs
2. Creating a gender sensitive working environment
3. Successfully managing gender diverse teams

And must

Provide the Director of DCFD with an insight on progress made within the gender agenda

Provide a positive future vision for the MPS

This is my effort

There was an old sweat called Slim
Who’s views on women were remarkably grim
Till a van driver called Brenda
Took a hold of his agenda
And told him to wind his neck in

That’s got to be worth a danish and large latte at the dream factory