Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The future is here and coming our way

In my little patch of paradise I hear SLT are panicking that they will be summonsed by Central to account for the fact that the Custody block has lost its 4 star rating due to a series of complaints by its customer base.

An independent review by the site latecells .com has highlighted a number of issues.

1. Long delays in trying to book into accommodation
2. Noisy occupants of the adjacent cells
3. Pre-packed microwave all day breakfast and chilli con carne not microwaved enough
4. Delays in room service as cell buzzer remains unanswered for long periods
5. Pre requested copy of PACE codes of practice being dog eared and stained
5. No sea view  ( no view at all )
6. Footwear and shoelaces kept to prevent self harm not cleaned, laundered and ironed prior to return


Well according to Her Majesties Inspectorate of Prisons.... ( thanks to Police Oracle for this article )

Ms Maneer Afsar from HMI said a scoring system akin to that already in place for jails should be used to rate police detention facilities.

Apparently Ms Afsar, heads a team responsible for a rolling programme of inspections of custody suites carried out jointly with HMI of Constabulary.

Afterwards she told Police Oracle " Its  good for people to be able to compare and contrast

She added: “There is a correlation between a poor score and someone losing their job.”