Monday, July 21, 2008

Leading from the front

There would appear to be concerns regarding a 'fact finding mission' by senior management and our 2012 responsibilities.
I am not to sure how the Chinese approach to public order over this 'sporty festive period' can be applied to the UK's view of 'how to'

Still,we have our finest lined up to visit and to 'suss' things out.

Realistically, you could argue that you could probably get as much 'fact finding' by linking a bulk of the feedback on a video conferencing facility, courtesy of the Business suite at the Holiday Inn on the North Circular.

Anyway,this isn't some comment about how the Brass get the best 'jollys'

Personally if someone gave me a sniff of a trip away courtesy of the Job I would bite their hand off.I think the farthest flung place the Job has ever sent me is on a prisoner collection run to Haverfordwest.

Judith Chalmers can rest easy

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ticket to anywhere?

The IR words(Institutional Racism) have recently re-emerged and has been laid against the ranks of the MET. Demonised,it causes alarm amongst the ranks of the politically correct. A form of 'Blue bird Flu' to be tackled quickly,quarantined and put out of its misery.

However it is not levelled at those of junior level who's canteen culture(whatever that was) apparently proved a fermenting ground for such thoughts.

No,the latest reincarnation of IR is at a higher table and has been muttered in the background of the case involving promotion or lack of it

Now,as a grumpy, disillusioned, middle ag.. er mature, non ethnic officer who has spent all of his time in the job working shifts in some form or another and dealing hands on with the crap that comes in through the back door, my opportunities for griping at being KB'd* are very limited.

I could take my case to a Tribunal, walk through the door with my little pile of grievance papers.'Don't even bother Dibble'..'Yes, thank you Mr Chairman I will get my coat'....

You reach a certain point in your career when you are either in or out. Ultimately at that level opportunities upward are down to a very limited number of positions.

I do NOT believe in this day and age,in this organisation,that people are overlooked PURELY because of their ethnicity...

Fact is,on a short list there may be better candidates than you.. maybe they did a better interview... it happens.

At the factory end these things are academic,but as we observe those above pushing and pushing and seeming to get their way on what would appear to be a Race card ticket,cynicism becomes further embedded.

*KB'd ...knocked back.