Sunday, November 02, 2008

Up close and Personnel

It would appear that there is some delay in advertising for the up and coming vacancy for Commissioner.

To assist I would like to put forward a Pro forma for HR to consider if they are in doubt as to what to do. It contains in essence what I would consider to be abilities and qualities which might assist those who aspire to take on the job.

Post: Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police
Vacancies: One
Salary: Circa 250,000
Tenure: Usually 5 years but apparently now not so negotiable.

Desirable Abilities/qualities

1.Flexibility. As from Day one they will be torn between the Office of the Mayor of London and London Assembly and the Home Office

2.A grasp of politics worthy of Machiavelli.

3.Eyes in the back of their head.

4.Omniscience. However it is accepted that candidates are unlikely to possess the ability to foresee all possible consequences and ramifications in the future of police day to day actions and may require the ability to give evidence under cross examination in court.

The Metropolitan Police Service IS an equal opportunities employer.

Selection will be based on ABILITY and SUITABILITY for the post.

For all those applying I wish them the best of luck. They may need it.

*The list is not exhaustive,any thoughts on qualities expected on the new Commissioner are welcome*