Thursday, October 29, 2009

I thought you told him?

Apparently the Comish was not kept in the loop.

I find it kind of hard to believe no one put a word in to the Commissioners office to let him know what they planned to do.Its not as if I am against thinking for yourself in this job. Lets face it any decision that requires some form of contentious action requires a number of Gold strategy meetings or a series of hastily convened community outreach workshops etc.....

If someone thought it a good idea to try and ensure the ones openly and regularly carrying guns on the areas where gun crime and its affects are rife are trained police officers seems to be a good one to me.

Apparently the great and the good don't feel this is right and would rather the streets are left to the gangs on the Estates.

And apparently the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) weren't consulted... so there you go. All proactive actions in relation to serious ongoing crime trends to be put on hold then.

Still the Commissioner may have been distracted. I am informed he has been actively out and about challenging anyone not patrolling singly and associated dress codes.

Still early days for 5 P's....but it would now appear someone forgot to Pass the armed Patrol decision on.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I have been away from the Metropolis for a week or so now,unfortunately this latest 'storming of Parliament' by Greenpeace catches my eye.

If I am honest I am not really driven by the thought of the safety of the incumbents of this hallowed House on the Thames,shuffling back after the 'Summer?'recess. However the latest incursion on what is apparently a secure site is an embarrassment for the Met.

A personal opinion is that we either do this properly ie 24/7, in your face type of stuff and no-one gets near or we just accept the fact that if someone really wants to they can get in/on the Parliament roof/Big Ben etc and publicise/unfurl whatever banner they want.

If we are going to accept that fact then lets just organise it properly. A list, say every other Wednesday and Friday with Health and Safety organising the walkways and banner attachments on the roof. A small fee to cover costs perhaps.

The problem is that, it would appear, at current arrangements, at some point those breaching that 'line' will not be an irritating but well intentioned member of the public with a cause, but someone with far worse intentions.