Monday, February 29, 2016

Lets have more of this

I have to be up front, and in this day and age its not good to be open about your opinions on the management of this organisation but I am going to put it out there...

I thought Sir BHH was on the money in his responses to the 'cross party committee' about the historical abuse allegations involving 'high profile' names

Normally, anything that comes from that level above tends to be an automatic delete and/or complete indifference.

But you know what?... this caught my eye.

I thought the Commish had it spot on in his response to the 'grilling ' from the  self serving blowhards who make up these committees.They love this stuff, summonsing people before  them and glowing in their own self importance , awash with smug faux angst at those who deal with reality and keen to ride the 'media tide' as it swells and ebbs.

He refused to apologise ......

'We have to do our job without fear or favour according to the law...''
'We don't treat anybody different by their background.. we apologise when there is good cause...'

What about the UN report on police tazering children ? they wailed...!!!!!

'It only happens very occasionally.... I think if you break it down by age  the majority are in the older bracket ( just under 18) and with a gun or knife in their hand they have to be dealt with, and some of them by size are quite a challenge

Sir....the troops need more of this stuff ...carry on regardless.... give it to them....!

If I had enough hair to make a forelock I would tug it in you direction