Monday, December 24, 2012

Thoughts for the years end

A few words from an old salt who is apparently (according to the press ) a virtually illiterate, knuckle dragging Neanderthal who gets out of breath walking to the dry cleaners to collect his newly pressed KKK outfit

I know not where to start my words

This year has been so much absurd...

The Tories and order we!!.

....are determined to sink this ship at sea.

Teresa May, her words trip lightly

We are in her heart, she smiles so brightly

All in all she says, it’s for the best

With a nod to the axemans best

Tom Winsor!!... says it all

knows the value of **** all

Given a brief, he’s done his review

at the behest of you know who

So whilst our betters talk of excess

to sell us out to G4S

And improve efficiency...

‘you’ll do the work for minimum see ‘...

The FED, it huffs and puffs in parts

its policies seem in fits and starts..

All we want is a clear strong voice..

recognition that we have a choice...

Then ‘Thrasher’ Mitchell.... bike clips ‘a thunder’

who stormed the gate and was put asunder

Sent to the side to wheel his bike...

have you ever seen the like?

I am MP, above opinion.....

don’t treat me! like some lowly minion....

You Plebs will learn to watch your ways

I will have CCTV in about 90 days

His comments noted in the Log...

As soon as after, yes memory jog

It’s PLEB he cried... if logs believed

access denied and importance aggrieved

The Daily WAIL, its bile continues...

Trying to make N0 news somehow NEW news

We Tazer kids and OAP’s......

we scheme to bring Mitchell to his knees.

We’re corrupt and lazy, stupid as well

racist thugs who won’t show and tell

‘Canteen culture’ in every release

how can we trust these ‘evil police’ ?

With pensions lined with gold intent

Spanish Practice clearly ‘bent’

To make our easy lives sublime!

.......if only we could find the time.....

Thing is... the Front line grafts and toils all day

the nonsense never goes away......

Because if we ever fail to show....

the hacks and toff’s will surely know...

It’s only us that stand between

the worlds in which they’ve never been.

Quick to criticize...slow to see

in an armchair.....made by TV

And at this time we won’t lose sight

of the ones we’ve lost in that good fight

Who stepped up and gave their all

but never made the end of shift call.

Names that slip from news, now old

the sound bites gone and the print is sold

But those that matter don’t forget...

...and know the loss with deep regret.

A summary.... heartfelt in dodgy rhyme..

A grumpy officer who has served his time....

But knows the value of those around....

And without them I will surely drown.

****************Take care over the Christmas and New Year. **********************

Look after yourselves, family, colleagues and friends in 2013

And don’t forget......Were all in this together!!!!