Tuesday, November 02, 2010


My usual journey home on the Tube was enlightened by a front page headline from the Evening Standard. For those outside of London this was once a functioning full time newspaper but is now a freebie and distributed at every available transport outlet from about 4pm onwards. When it did claim to be Londons Evening Newspaper its editorial stance made the Daily Wail look like a watered down version of the Job.So I wasn't surprised when I looked through this story on the front page.

Now if officer AZ8 did think it some form of clever word game and decide that they needed to include a few song line quotes in evidence, they need to be seriously brought to task as this particular job has grief and politics written all over it, besides natural issues on sensitivity for the family involved. The Coroners court has decided that officers actions were not unlawful and this just adds fuel to a dwindling fire.
The Standards 'investigation' seems to have uncovered numerous links to assorted songs.Lets face it any standard rock song does not push the barriers on expression and if you look closely at anybodies day to day conversation such bland phrases which the Standard seem to have 'uncovered' are not unusual.

Whats actually happened behind the scenes is still unclear. Lets hope its the Evening 'Below Standard' which are wrong on this