Sunday, August 31, 2008


Just finished the end of a weary best part of a month and realised how long it is since the last entry.I thought it best to get a few lines in so at least there is one August entry. I have been preoccupied with trying to nail a group of 'yoot' who have been taking the pi** more often than an Olympics drug testing Team. Still short a couple but enquiries are in hand as they say.

Things have cropped up which I was going to post on but shift hours got in the way.The issues surrounding the release of the killer of Nina Mackay for instance

I thought the comments from Nina's Dad were particularly poignant 'The opportunity for her to visit us for five hours per month would be overwhelming. That is not going to happen and our sentence continues unabated'

The storms washing around the Yard and its Brass who are turning on themselves is getting interesting.......lets see who is still standing in the New Year.
I have no real interest in the winners really as it wont affect me and my colleagues scratching around in the rock pool at low tide when the Storm dies down.

I am hoping the internal strife will filter down and put on hold any new 'big ideas' by those below the 'war(of words)zone' and settle for some stability for a few months.

Probably asking for too much with that though