Monday, April 15, 2013

You can have any model you want long as its managements.

The ONE (and there can be only ONE) London Policing  Model rolls inexorably on to its anticipated date in June.

It is clear that they... and you can fill in whatever variation of senior management (sorry that should read senior leadership).....Home office diktat... centralized HR bean counters... have decided what they want.

It’s just a matter of counting the days to its implementation.

They have no interest if it will bring major issues to officers who will have to adapt to earlier shift times, later finish times....simply no public transport before or after certain hours .Certainly no guarantee  of parking if they have to drive in and elbow for space Mon-Friday 9-5.

But what galls me the most is this.

The PRETENCE that what is going on is up for any sensible negotiation.

If they, who inhabit the exalted halls of the chosen would just say....

 This is what we are doing ‘like it or lump it’

You could at least know where you stand

But they purvey this notion that it is being reviewed, input is being received, digested from all interested parties.

We have ‘meet the SLT stuff’ to allow issues to be ‘aired’

Frankly no-one cares what the workers think

I know that far more sensible options have been put forward to encompass what BHH is driving at but the input is being blanked ( or anyone with any weight at Borough level is so averse to put their head above the parapet  they won’t push it ) I can’t blame them.

Don’t argue with the centre.

They apparently assembled a team at what is known as ESB to look at the options.

Would any front line local firebrand or vocal supporter of those who shovel the daily stuff be seconded or volunteer to this working group?


We all know what it is. It is a paper exercise to come to a known conclusion.

We are being TOLD what is happening.

The troops know when they are being ‘sold‘something.

Just be straight with them.

You might.....just might ..... get a leeeeetle more respect.

The above rant is an opinion based on personal observation.

I have no intentions as yet to hand myself into DPS.