Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Up for air.

Managed to get a post in before end 2008.

Chez Dibble has been in some turmoil over the last 6 weeks due to circumstances beyond our control.This,coupled with a change of jobs, has left blogging on the back burner.
I'd had enough of my last role and put in a bid for something else and managed to get away from the not so 'merry go round' I was on. I needed a change,even if its only for a year or so and I have no regrets over that side of it.But I do miss my team that I left behind.We shovelled some sh*t and dealt with some weariness.Despite all this,it was a good bunch who managed to have some laughs despite it all.Their 'lets get on with it' professionalism made this old duffer look good and I thank them sincerely for it.

I will get back into the blogging frame of mind in 2009

To all those out there,take care of yourselves,those close to you and stay safe.

All the best for 2009