Saturday, January 07, 2017

MET HR and the new reality blueprint

Well at last they've finally  come out and said it . MET HR admit they no longer see the job as a career. A paper produced by MET HR and presented to a Chief Constables council states that by 2020 'we no longer expect to see policing as a job for life'
In typical MET HR speak it goes on ' We see healthy churn as a positive, creating space to recruit new capabilities which would take many years to develop internally'.
It also talks of officers leaving being able to  join a new 'formal reservist capability' which will be developed internally.
Its an admission at least that all MET HR exists for, in its basic form and in 'non HR blah speak' is to 'produce boots on the street and get bums on the seats'
I doubt any of this 'new concept  going forward' ( as HR would put it) will feature in the glossy multi media recruitment campaigns it put out
I've lamented in my previous posts about the way the METS going and this is just another confirmation of it.
Also the fact that they are so completely out of touch with the grassroots rank and file is the fact the believe they will have hordes of officers leaving the job and then signing up for a reserve list!
I usually send out a pre New Year greeting post but succumbed to this bug going round at the moment and was 'self medding' on assorted over the counter products to get me through the Christmas /New Year shifts. Now my head has finally started to clear....
To my colleagues in the MET and all police officers and emergency services out there ...
All the best for 2017 and take care and look after each other, we are going to need it ....


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