Friday, March 13, 2015

FED spin, FED b*******, FED up

Some choice headlines from the Wail recently, for example ...Police locking up frail dementia patients.

Dip into the detail and its actually police who have tried every opportunity and avenue to get them diverted to other agencies best able to deal. Then to be given the usual 'no room at the inn ' or ' cant assist its gone 5pm'

The latest from them and which sparked this post is the announcement on Ms MAYS decision that the FED a 'militant police union' powers need curbing.

In short

1. We are not a union
2. We are by no means and have never been militant
3. It has become ever clear we have no powers
4. It has never been a closed shop. You cannot be barred from being employed as a police officer by not belonging to the Federation. The majority join because basically its all we have.

I have no particular issue with the FED employing full time professionals from Subs. It is ever apparent the FED cannot cope with its current structure. Sell Leatherhead ,use the money to tap into some talent who can negotiate, use the rules, the regulations , the civil laws, Europe and have the capacity to lobby effectively. Use those who can play the media machine.

ANYTHING that can at least show we are not some docile bunch of ill educated knuckle draggers who know their place.

We are hard working professionals who deserve a right to be heard. 

If you look back at my posts I am a huge critic of the FED. I despair at the management and still do.

What's the best the FED Chairman Steve WHITE has to say at this latest from Ms MAY

' we are pleased the Home Secretary has recognised the progress that we have made in implementing the reforms contained in the independent review we commissioned

I feel like retching. This is our militant, government bashing union leadership!!!!

But at the back of all this is the smugness from HMG that the FED need transparency.

That's from this  HMG....!!!!!

More worryingly is at the vague mention the FED is complicit in an 'attitude' that leads to racism. neglect of vulnerable victims  and the obstruction of official enquiries.

What does that mean? That the  FED represents officers against complaints and the chancers at IPCC? This is perhaps the only function we at ground level can see our Subs being used for thats worthwhile.

Roll on the  Election and at least I can have some say and express an opinion.

Unless of course HMG legislate that we are not allowed a vote.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

No views if wearing blues.

Having watched with interest in other blogs and Police Oracle the issues around what is and isn't acceptable to be worn on a uniform or a view as to what opinions a constable may or may not hold or express I have decided to put on hold Dibble Enterprises bespoke line of apparel, badges, tie pins, mugs and stationary.

One of my product ideas was to be built around the strap line 'If you don't want police involved in your life don't call us'

I was considering the alternate view ' Your right I'm an adult I should sort my own life out'

In the current climate I think the printed T shirts with 'I pay my taxes. So actually I'm paying myself to be here. Sober up and go home' may not go down as well.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hot or not

Hot Desking is an office organisation system which involves multiple workers using a single physical work station or surface during different time periods. The "desk" in the name refers to an office desk being shared by multiple office workers on different shifts as opposed to each staff member having their own personal desk. A primary motivation for hot desking is cost reduction through space savings - up to 30% in some cases.

The MET is seriously into HD.  It has no choice. By flogging off its estate it has a workforce who have to work from somewhere. It has a dwindling number of buildings in which to house people.

I have spent my time in the MET  being 'customer faced'. Basically what the public expect. They make a complaint of crime, I deal with the aftermath. The bread and butter of police work.

In HD we are an after thought. We don't need or ask for much...a room to work from, a computer, a phone and a printer that works.

In my little patch of paradise 'customer faced'  are low on the list of priority.

Has  anybody noticed the offices of the 9-5 'ers seem to be locked when you are looking around for a terminal to work from?

Hot desking seems only to apply to the shift workers shovelling over the 24

Resentment is noted and building.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Ticket to uncertainty....that'll be £50

The public order ticket is not the hottest ticket in town

Senior management are trying to up the numbers of those willing to undertake what is called level 2 Public order training. It is currently a voluntary role for officers.

The demands on the Met for Public Order duties are onerous.

If you are going to demonstrate, march, wave banners and shout to the chant from a loudhailer you might as well do it in the capital for maximum coverage and effect.

In the current climate an increasing number of those marches and demos need covering by, at the least, Level 2 officers.  

The problems then arise that the duties hubs have to arrange cover and have to tap into a dwindling  pot of resources. In the financial constraints we are under they often have to look to cancel days + 15 so as to reduce the OT bill.

Those who are Level 2 trained find themselves not able to plan ahead as they cannot guarantee  their Rest days being cancelled when something comes up.

The national FED seem to be pushing as some form of  'success' a tax free £50 to be paid once a year if you have undertaken the training

£50... to be in the position of not knowing if you plans are going to be kicked into touch by a last minute aid commitment.

I initially thought that it was a typo. I thought maybe £500 would be more of a sweetener . But No...

There is a general economic idea known as 'incentivisation of the workforce'...that employers  put in place conditions that would make taking on extra or other work  outside of the general role more palatable.

HMG and SLT are in a 'take it or leave ' mode generally.

Anecdotally more are deciding to 'leave it' and in terms of public order are handing the ticket back or not putting up for it in the first place.

One of the saddest things to me in this is that National Fed seem to think the £50 is something to brag about. They always came across as 'toothless tigers' but now it seems they cant even 'gum' anybody in negotiations.

SLT are huffing/puffing about the possibility, if numbers don't improve, of making Public order training compulsory. But  as ever, I don't think they have thought it through. I can see major problems in the actual practicality of implementing this.

I cant see too many rising to the 'bait'

'Sorry love cant make the family trip next weekend I've been called in.....but that £50 in January made the difference....'


Saturday, January 10, 2015


From the cartoonist Banks in the Police Oracle on Friday

Sums up I am sure the feelings of police colleagues from around the world

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thoughts for the years end

Its the time of year when you look back and wonder what happened to those you knew or kept in touch with in the past.

I was thinking.... 'whatever happened to the Police Federation of England and Wales?'


To my colleagues out there covering the madness that is called the New Years Eve 'celebrations' take care and get home safe.

To the police family generally I wish you all the very best for 2015....

Its going to be a difficult coming year...

Ignore the nonsense from Westminster, the media  and what's  drip fed down to us.

We know how it is...lets look after each other

Have a good 2015

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Is it what you wear, what you do or what you are?

From what you see and hear in the media, these are dangerous times to be wearing a uniform that represents an agency of the state, be it a member of the police or armed forces..

Advice made public that soldiers should avoid wearing their uniform off military premises or that police should not travel to or from work in 'half blues' as it would potentially make them targets reinforces the notion that it is not a matter of 'if' but 'when'

Targeted even in civvies and off duty is suggested as the motive for the assault on the off duty  PC Neil Doyle on Merseyside

Drip fed general advice from the centre, rounded off with the usual  'work continues to reassure and keep our communities safe'  does little to reassure.

The incident in France where a male charges into a police station attacking officers with a knife was quickly dealt with by him being shot dead by an officer at the venue.

A similar incident in the UK would likely end up in the immediate incident with officers going toe to toe armed only with a metal stick and spray and just the usual general brave physical approach

In a country that has a media and specific interest groups that bleat about the use and roll out of Taser , the suggestion we would generally arm police to defend themselves and the community against such fanatics is bluer than 'blue sky thinking'

It would have to be anarchy before I would hold a gun for the state. I have a huge admiration for those AFO's who sign out a weapon at the start of the shift and carry for the organisation. Reality is, if you ever have to use it  you are in the stocks before you put pen to paper.

We are in a world were someone has to be blamed, there has to be someone at fault, despite reviews ...'justice has to be done'.

Desperately sad things happen  in this world. I don't think any police officer starts the shift with any intention to harm or take the life of any individual. We deal with constant on going situations and calls 24/7. Despite out best intentions sometimes things go wrong.

It seems to me that the families, the interest groups and the media followers are interested in 'justice' only if it goes their way.

Anger spreads and the overspill follows.

The two officers in New York shot dead as they were sat in their patrol car in a crime reduction initiative are examples to that.

I feel no support other than bland pre penned words from Senior management and clearly NONE from the political class at Westminster.

I read somewhere that some officers turned their back on the mayor of NY  at a meeting as a sign of disgust at his response to the media clamour.

I would probably be spinning like a top if I was forced to sit in a room with much of our so called political leaders

I think that what we all know for those who work in this environment is basically we only have each other for support be it the UK , America or France. 

To the police family out there, be it the UK or anywhere we a trying to do the same job in ever dangerous circumstances

PC Neil Doyle of Merseyside...officers Liu Wenjin and Raphael Ramos of NYPD...  RIP

Take care