Saturday, January 10, 2015


From the cartoonist Banks in the Police Oracle on Friday

Sums up I am sure the feelings of police colleagues from around the world

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thoughts for the years end

Its the time of year when you look back and wonder what happened to those you knew or kept in touch with in the past.

I was thinking.... 'whatever happened to the Police Federation of England and Wales?'


To my colleagues out there covering the madness that is called the New Years Eve 'celebrations' take care and get home safe.

To the police family generally I wish you all the very best for 2015....

Its going to be a difficult coming year...

Ignore the nonsense from Westminster, the media  and what's  drip fed down to us.

We know how it is...lets look after each other

Have a good 2015

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Is it what you wear, what you do or what you are?

From what you see and hear in the media, these are dangerous times to be wearing a uniform that represents an agency of the state, be it a member of the police or armed forces..

Advice made public that soldiers should avoid wearing their uniform off military premises or that police should not travel to or from work in 'half blues' as it would potentially make them targets reinforces the notion that it is not a matter of 'if' but 'when'

Targeted even in civvies and off duty is suggested as the motive for the assault on the off duty  PC Neil Doyle on Merseyside

Drip fed general advice from the centre, rounded off with the usual  'work continues to reassure and keep our communities safe'  does little to reassure.

The incident in France where a male charges into a police station attacking officers with a knife was quickly dealt with by him being shot dead by an officer at the venue.

A similar incident in the UK would likely end up in the immediate incident with officers going toe to toe armed only with a metal stick and spray and just the usual general brave physical approach

In a country that has a media and specific interest groups that bleat about the use and roll out of Taser , the suggestion we would generally arm police to defend themselves and the community against such fanatics is bluer than 'blue sky thinking'

It would have to be anarchy before I would hold a gun for the state. I have a huge admiration for those AFO's who sign out a weapon at the start of the shift and carry for the organisation. Reality is, if you ever have to use it  you are in the stocks before you put pen to paper.

We are in a world were someone has to be blamed, there has to be someone at fault, despite reviews ...'justice has to be done'.

Desperately sad things happen  in this world. I don't think any police officer starts the shift with any intention to harm or take the life of any individual. We deal with constant on going situations and calls 24/7. Despite out best intentions sometimes things go wrong.

It seems to me that the families, the interest groups and the media followers are interested in 'justice' only if it goes their way.

Anger spreads and the overspill follows.

The two officers in New York shot dead as they were sat in their patrol car in a crime reduction initiative are examples to that.

I feel no support other than bland pre penned words from Senior management and clearly NONE from the political class at Westminster.

I read somewhere that some officers turned their back on the mayor of NY  at a meeting as a sign of disgust at his response to the media clamour.

I would probably be spinning like a top if I was forced to sit in a room with much of our so called political leaders

I think that what we all know for those who work in this environment is basically we only have each other for support be it the UK , America or France. 

To the police family out there, be it the UK or anywhere we a trying to do the same job in ever dangerous circumstances

PC Neil Doyle of Merseyside...officers Liu Wenjin and Raphael Ramos of NYPD...  RIP

Take care

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Gate has now closed

Justice done

A spat between an arrogant politician and an officer with a responsibility for Downing Street security came to this.

Good luck to PC Toby Rowland and hopefully he can  move on with his life.

SMT at NSY seem conspicuous by absence on support for the officer on this ruling.

None of the nonsense that came after had anything to do with him.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Human resources latest

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The future is here and coming our way

In my little patch of paradise I hear SLT are panicking that they will be summonsed by Central to account for the fact that the Custody block has lost its 4 star rating due to a series of complaints by its customer base.

An independent review by the site latecells .com has highlighted a number of issues.

1. Long delays in trying to book into accommodation
2. Noisy occupants of the adjacent cells
3. Pre-packed microwave all day breakfast and chilli con carne not microwaved enough
4. Delays in room service as cell buzzer remains unanswered for long periods
5. Pre requested copy of PACE codes of practice being dog eared and stained
5. No sea view  ( no view at all )
6. Footwear and shoelaces kept to prevent self harm not cleaned, laundered and ironed prior to return


Well according to Her Majesties Inspectorate of Prisons.... ( thanks to Police Oracle for this article )

Ms Maneer Afsar from HMI said a scoring system akin to that already in place for jails should be used to rate police detention facilities.

Apparently Ms Afsar, heads a team responsible for a rolling programme of inspections of custody suites carried out jointly with HMI of Constabulary.

Afterwards she told Police Oracle " Its  good for people to be able to compare and contrast

She added: “There is a correlation between a poor score and someone losing their job.”


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Caution...spin in progress.

I notice that Patrick FOSTER, a hard put upon ( according to his twitter comments)  member of Her Majesties press has been cautioned for hacking into the E mail account of NIGHTJACK a serving police officer in Lancashire. He and his newspaper subsequently 'outed' the officer, a DC Richard HORTON, causing him some considerable professional and personal dilemmas.

The TIMEs subsequently defend his actions claiming the officers identity had been uncovered via legal means. Following his arrest it was established he had illegally hacked into the officers account and committed an offence under the Computer Misuse Act.

In what seems to me to be a whining and mealy mouthed statement placed on Twitter, he bewails his fate.....saying

" The past two years of this unnecessarily heavy handed police investigation have been a nightmare. I have been unemployable, but have to bear the cost of substantial legal fees.I have cooperated with the seemingly never ending investigations at all times. In order to bring this regrettable episode to an end I have accepted the offer of a police caution for committing a technical beach of the Computer Misuse act 1990.

"I cannot say how likely it is that I would have been charged had I rejected the caution. In 2009 when I committed the technical breach, I was acting on the understanding, common across Fleet street and amongst journalist and lawyers that I would be able to rely on a public interest defence . That understanding was wrong "

A sentimental little piece and about as much as I would expect.

Let me put a little more reality into this in response

1.If you hadn't accepted the caution you would have been charged. The evidential test by CPS is the same whether the disposal offered is caution or charge. I wonder whether your legal team told you to bite their hand off when it was offered.
2. The public interest defence is NOT carte blanche to do as you like to get a story as you have now found out. The underhanded way the Press has undertaken its crusading badge of journalism has rightly been brought out for all to see in recent times.
3.You have committed a criminal offence so lets be straight up about it and lets not keep calling it a technical breach
4. The lawyers at CPS have not seemed to have taken your view  ( held by Fleet street and its legal teams ) that what you did was covered by 'public interest'

As the CPS have said in relation to this

 " In accepting a caution an individual accepts responsibility for the offending set out"

Exactly lets not try to put a spin on it.

I doubt your misery extends to the effect your actions had on Dc Richard Horton and his family.