Monday, July 14, 2014

MET HR ploughs a furrow for new growth

It seems the MET are reviewing criteria for admissions on recruit applications

1. Bit of personal baggage when you were younger? ....lets talk
2. Live outside the MET area ?.... save your breath.

Mmmmmm...  lets see how that works.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

And the word was ....go forth and multiply

Ms MAY has spoken...well  not so much spoken as put into words the vitriol in which this administration holds us. She has well and truly laid out her stall.

If you took that lectern away for analysis it would be etched with the acid dropped from her words

In some ways I admire the honesty. It lays out to all before her EXACTLY where HMG stand in relation to the FED.

A politician clearly with a view to her own progression.

As a FED paying member I want this to be a defining moment...

Not one where we again rollover.

The FED bottled on the vote to strike..... a Majority said yes ... the FED choked..

We now know EXACTLY where we are .....

They treat us with contempt.. we have to say no more 'negotiation'

GARDAI did it ....use EU....

For FED members across the  UK you cannot get  so publicly shafted as we did at the Conference and not go for it

Literally we have NOTHING to lose...we are NOTHING to them
The FED is and despite the conference vote,  a cosy club for the Reps.... Membership shovelling at the front end are getting very fractious .. No more attempts at Status Quo... go for EU... make waves ...we DO have the money to spend......get in the face of HMG... we have that right

Ignore the DB and fellow media travellers..... 

Don't let is down... Ms MAY has laid out in explicit detail where the FED stands

Bypass HMG ...  go for EU review.... we want it......

Otherwise Ms MAYS suggestion we can opt in/out will seem so much more appealing


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More 'Collage' nonsense

The Collage of 'Polishing my shiny 9-5 chair seat'' is touting for the ability to publish and make public a name and shame list of those dismissed for misconduct from service.

Its derisory reasoning

"The register isn't just a matter of naming and shaming bad officers, it is about protecting the public from officers who commit wrongdoing by preventing them from re-entering the service  "

This is something which can be done by internal reference to force databases.

They are chancers, always with one eye on catching HMG's attention.

They wont get a penny out of me when they come cap in hand for subs

Mind you, compared to Vince above in his prime they are complete amateurs

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

More spin nonsense from the DB

Another piece of sly spin from the Bile

Led by David Davis MP aka main cheerleader for the Plebgate one.

They are scraping the barrel (as ever ) with this one

If you believe the s*** we have the MET basically on line to the criminal fraternity on a regular basis

Closer examination of the limited cack they provide reveals more mundane nonsense

Over 5 years as well !


Thursday, May 01, 2014 the name of Gov

Ms MAY is still chewing on stop and search.

I have posted on this before 

Ms May has been reviewing a report by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC)

HMIC are a dedicated collection of desk bound senior officers who spread their wisdom and experience to those still in the ring trying to win the fight.

She trots out the usual stats. percentage stops to arrest... disproportion on ethnicity of stops etc... 

In time we will receive 'unconsious bias awareness training'...whatever the *'f* that is.

Still I am sure it will keep a team somewhere in the Met employed for a few years

About as vague and woolly as the term 'institutional racism'

We could be stuck on she says...

Right, my wish list. Ms May if I ever find myself having to put hands in pockets again is

1. X ray vision
2.The gift of reading minds

Until such time as HMG can supply these to officers on the streets you will not get the stop and search results you want

Officers are already backing off this side of the work. Ms Mays pronouncements will just accelerate this.

We are indeed going to hell in a bucket and HMG have hold of the rope.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Compare and contrast part 2

Been mad crazy in work recently so have not had the opportunity to comment on stuff going on

First and foremost...

The retrial of the latest suspect to be involved in the killing of PC Blakelock resulted in a Not Guilty verdict....majority decision I believe.

No riots or mobs outside. No storming of the corridors of the court by supporters.

Just quiet dignity by the family facing this.

Cursory involvement in the media coverage from start to finish

A police officer was hacked to death on an estate in Tottenham. A  colleague was left with long lasting injuries and subsequent issues with his life after.

Nada...zilch...fat zero... real interest from Her Majesties press. The Beeb gave the accused his 10 pence worth  to air his views...was it News night? ..not sure ...don't care...I know where they stand.

I could rant for pages about this but it is pointless...

No one outside this Job cares...not the Media ...Government or its hangers on

I admire the team trying  pursue this but this must be the last throw of the dice.

Those in that mob ...that night... know what happened

I despise them.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Compare and Contrast

Tom Whinger

In a worrying assessment, Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary Tom Windsor said the public felt badly let down by the failure of officers to live up to expected standards of integrity.

Chairman Vaz

The chair of the Home affairs Select Committee, has said that some police are able ' to get away with corruption and incompetence' because of 'broken systems of accountability'

Ms May

'Its astonishing that the police have not had an explicit code of ethics an equivalent if you like of the Hippocratic  oath for Doctors'

' I think it will approve vital for establishing and maintaining fundamental standards for police officers'

Maria Miller MP