Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Another officer down

Merseyside lost another officer on Monday. Pc David PHILLIPs mown down by a stolen vehicle as he tried to put out 'stop sticks' to immobilise the vehicle by taking out the cars tyres.

As Chief Constable Sir Jon MURPHY said  'an incredibly sad day for Merseyside police the second time in less than 12 months I have had to sit down before the media and tell you about one of our officers being murdered'

Pc Neil DOYLE having lost his life last Christmas whilst off duty in Liverpool City Centre.

I can only echo the words of Mr MURPHY in his press conference. They were clearly heartfelt

The subsequent  'soundbites' from Cameron and May in conference season are just what they are and not worth repeating.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

A decade later a decision....

Anthony Long the MET officer placed before the court for the murder of Azelle Rodney has been cleared by the jury.

The officer has been pursued for this tragic incident since 2005

As the officer said after the trial

'Police firearms officers do not go out intending to shoot people and, like me in this case, have to make split second life or death decisions based on the information available to them at the time'.

This should be cut and pasted and put over the office doors of the tribunals, DPS, IPCC and CPS who chewed this over for the last 10 years.

As I have said in previous posts no officer turns up on duty and goes out to take a life.

This sentiment you might think would concentrate the minds of the hindsight merchants, the purveyors of armchair acquired knowledge, the media, interest groups ...et al.

But I doubt it....

Someone has to be blamed and pretty much its usually the  hard working soul carrying the office of Constable at the front line.

This post is not intended to be braying over the result

However it is time for everyone to let the officer Anthony Long to have his life back and to move on

I hope this can happen

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Survey? thats a click/delete any day

Results of a survey of MET police officers and staff in 2015 have not been forgiving to Sir BHH and SLT.

The poll targeted 47,000 police and staff .

I think the most telling point being missed is that  the stats show only 28% responded.

Of 47,000 police and staff only 13,160 made the effort to complete the survey.

33,840 couldn't be bothered.

As a member of the 33,840 I would like to offer my opinion why.

Its frankly a waste of time. My views don't matter.

The staff surveys/'conversations'/focus groups are a sleight of hand that SLT  care what we think or will take any action  to mirror our responses.

PR can spin the results anyway they like, but when the vast majority of your shop floor click  'delete/decline' when these come out they should look at themselves and wonder why.  

Friday, June 05, 2015

More drip fed spin from HMG

Not long in and they are back at it .... ably assisted  as ever by the Daily Wail

Compare and contrast what the Audit office actually said and the Wails spin on it

A précis of the NAO  report. Key paragraph highlighted....

Courtesy of Police Oracle......

“Although police forces have successfully reduced costs, without a thorough understanding of demand or the factors that bear on their costs it is difficult for them to transform services intelligently. The Home Office also needs to be better informed to discharge its responsibilities. It needs to work with HMIC, the College of Policing and forces to gain a clearer understanding of the health of the service, particularly around demand and on when forces may be at risk of failing to meet the needs of local communities.”

Amyas Morse, head of the National Audit Office, 4 June 2015

While police forces in England and Wales have successfully reduced costs since 2011, they do not have a clear understanding of the demands placed upon them or of the factors that affect their costs. The Home Office also needs to be better informed to make sure forces are providing value for money.

According to a report today by the National Audit Office, the funding to police and crime commissioners decreased by £2.3 billion (25%) in real-terms between 2010-11 and 2015-16. Taking into account changes in central and local government funding, total funding to individual forces has reduced by between 12% and 23%.

The Department does not have good enough information to work out by how much it can reduce funding without degrading services, or when it may need to support individual forces. The police sector is currently working to identify information which could give early warning of a force at risk. However, despite the reports and data produced by HMIC, there is currently insufficient information to identify signs of the sector being unable to deliver services, there are unclear links between financial reductions and service pressures and limited data on police productivity.

Although crime statistics indicate that the level of crime has fallen since 2010-11, police forces do not have a good enough understanding of the demand for their services. Statistics on levels of crime exclude some types of crime. Moreover, HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) data on demand for police services from emergency and priority incidents shows that only 22% of incidents that police responded to were crime-related. HMIC estimates that only 10 of 43 forces have a sophisticated understanding of demand. There are no standards for measuring demand and, in the view of the NAO, no comprehensive national picture of demand across policing.


While financial reserves across all forces with comparable data have increased by 35% in real-terms between 2010-11 and 2013-14, this is not necessarily a sign of financial health.  As forces cannot run deficits, reserves enable them to manage financial uncertainty, fund investment, and, on occasion, offset funding reductions.


But forces cannot rely on using reserves to offset funding reductions over several years. A Police and Crime Commissioners Treasurers’ Society review of forces’ reserve position has found that Commissioners are planning to reduce reserves by 41% between April 2014 and April 2017.

Forces will need to transform the service they deliver if they are to meet the financial challenge and address the changing nature of crime. The Department has not had its budget protected during the last Parliament, and police forces will likely face further significant funding reductions. According to the NAO, organizations in the police accountability system are not yet supporting forces to improve their capacity and capability in relation to business skills.

What the Wail had to say.......


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Words fail again at the FED's spring blah fest...

Another couple of days by the sea for the FED.

Another invitation by the FED to invite the Home secretary to pitch up and basically say 'weren't you listening last year?'

Clearly not.

Bournemouth's Spring warmed by more hot air turning up on the South Coast

Fair play to the officer from Dorset who tried to make his point about pensions before being 'ushered away'

I think he had more front and effect than the tub thumpers in the hall later.

They don't learn. HMG are not interested. They made that clear. Why did they think things should change?

Gloves should have been off after last years debacle.

Another year of inaction by the FED to come.


Saturday, May 09, 2015

Blue moon rising, blue line sinking


They're back in for another 5 years....batten down the hatches!

I'm sure the warriors at Leatherhead have a plan or two. A strongly worded letter is being drafted now.

As a fall back I'm sure the Commish will watch our backs  .....ahem.....


Friday, March 13, 2015

FED spin, FED b*******, FED up

Some choice headlines from the Wail recently, for example ...Police locking up frail dementia patients.

Dip into the detail and its actually police who have tried every opportunity and avenue to get them diverted to other agencies best able to deal. Then to be given the usual 'no room at the inn ' or ' cant assist its gone 5pm'

The latest from them and which sparked this post is the announcement on Ms MAYS decision that the FED a 'militant police union' powers need curbing.

In short

1. We are not a union
2. We are by no means and have never been militant
3. It has become ever clear we have no powers
4. It has never been a closed shop. You cannot be barred from being employed as a police officer by not belonging to the Federation. The majority join because basically its all we have.

I have no particular issue with the FED employing full time professionals from Subs. It is ever apparent the FED cannot cope with its current structure. Sell Leatherhead ,use the money to tap into some talent who can negotiate, use the rules, the regulations , the civil laws, Europe and have the capacity to lobby effectively. Use those who can play the media machine.

ANYTHING that can at least show we are not some docile bunch of ill educated knuckle draggers who know their place.

We are hard working professionals who deserve a right to be heard. 

If you look back at my posts I am a huge critic of the FED. I despair at the management and still do.

What's the best the FED Chairman Steve WHITE has to say at this latest from Ms MAY

' we are pleased the Home Secretary has recognised the progress that we have made in implementing the reforms contained in the independent review we commissioned

I feel like retching. This is our militant, government bashing union leadership!!!!

But at the back of all this is the smugness from HMG that the FED need transparency.

That's from this  HMG....!!!!!

More worryingly is at the vague mention the FED is complicit in an 'attitude' that leads to racism. neglect of vulnerable victims  and the obstruction of official enquiries.

What does that mean? That the  FED represents officers against complaints and the chancers at IPCC? This is perhaps the only function we at ground level can see our Subs being used for thats worthwhile.

Roll on the  Election and at least I can have some say and express an opinion.

Unless of course HMG legislate that we are not allowed a vote.