Thursday, April 03, 2014

Compare and Contrast

Tom Whinger

In a worrying assessment, Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary Tom Windsor said the public felt badly let down by the failure of officers to live up to expected standards of integrity.

Chairman Vaz

The chair of the Home affairs Select Committee, has said that some police are able ' to get away with corruption and incompetence' because of 'broken systems of accountability'

Ms May

'Its astonishing that the police have not had an explicit code of ethics an equivalent if you like of the Hippocratic  oath for Doctors'

' I think it will approve vital for establishing and maintaining fundamental standards for police officers'

Maria Miller MP

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Loads on nonsense in the media recently about police

Tom, ex rail regulator and as HMIC occasionally seen in a dodgy uniform. He reports confidence in police is 'severely shaken 'in the eyes of the public....Lawrenson,  Hillsborough, undercover officers, Plebgate, Tomlinson...

PLEASE !!!!  give me a HMIP ( Her Majesties Inspectorate of Politicians) and I would work my days off for free reviewing the activities of our esteemed Parliamentarians.

The latest from the Daily Bile..

Apparently the FED..... a police UNION!..according to the BILE, were waging a guerrilla  warfare against politicians. Why were the Che Guevara's at leatherhead so described ? They decided to get some professional PR advice from a firm in the face of hard nosed politicking from HMG.

I am all for this.

When you are dealing with sharks, you learn to swim  and then you get some teeth.

HMG spend millions of pounds worth of tax payers money surrounding themselves with like staff .  The hubris of this makes me gag.

What else..

The College of Policing ... an entity which frankly was not asked for and has NO support from anybody who actually does the job... is reviewing Bail.

No more than 28 days ...unless exceptional circumstances!

To anybody out there who deals with the reality of day to day custody matters and the process of arrest to charge ,it just screams out .....'you have never done this...!!!!'

Which of course they never have.....which is why they seek refuge in an entity called the College of Policing.

What else has gripped my s**t ?

Of course the IPCC. How they can keep the 'independent' in the title is beyond me but apparently we should view complaints as 'feedback'

No its not feedback its a complaint.

An officer dealing is entitled to say...'No I have not done anything wrong. I have done my role fairly....and NO I have done nothing to apologise for '

The perception is from the 'INDEPENDENT'  PCC is that the complainant is always right.

No they are not

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Honesty doesnt pay

Met officer James Patrick has called time.

His case and the background is far more eloquently stated and the point made out in the article from the Thinblueline below

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Another day, another Police story....

OK, lets suspend belief for a minute and take the Daily Bile article below as a balanced piece of headline journalism....

Yeah....your right,  couldn't count to 10 seconds with that idea in my head.

It has a basic underlying strap line

'Another example of the insidious antics of the racist corrupt thugs in uniform fouling the annals of history with impunity'

Yeah, on reflection, that's probably at bit bland for the Bile.

They have managed to squeeze a relatively obscure review by a QC ( Mark Ellison) into the activities of the SDS ( Special Demonstration Squad) into an 'expose' of extended surveillance of the Lawrence family as they sought to establish what had occurred and how it was dealt with

There is a  reference to an undercover officer N81

The lurid account of ex SDS officer Peter  Francis was reviewed and no substance found to it.

However Officer N81 it is suggested, was tasked to monitor the fringes of those associating or attempting to associate with the family during those times and report back.

With respect... not exactly peering over the shoulders of the grieving inner family circle as they come to terms with what happened.

We have a suggestion of  ONE potential corrupt cop.
We have a suggestion SOME files have been shredded and the spin being it was due to a need to cover up.

In terms of the SDS.... another pair of  hindsight goggles re POTENTIAL issues of disclosure.

Basically a reluctance to 'disclose' the information came from undercover officers and the need NOT to divulge the full extent of their work in whatever group they had infiltrated.

Yes, they are 'undercover ' and would not want their 'identities' revealed.

Why would you put yourself on offer as a undercover officer?

To then find yourself ' suited and booted' for a trial (potentially years down the line) the box facing those you had infiltrated with NO protection from those who put you there in the first place?

Does that make sense? ..sure does to me.

This does not necessarily make their evidence less reliable  although the slant is that it does.

The MET covers the largest and most diverse population in the UK . Its catchment area covers the range of sensitive sites and covers HP and all linked areas of government both overt and covert.

A demo isn't really a demo unless your waving a placard in Central London.

OK Ms May...launch another the game and work the media.

You and the like minded of those in power will reach a tipping point to those putting themselves on offer to keep this City safe and wider afield in the UK.

They will... and are.. saying 'enough is enough'

Why put yourself out there?

Undercover work, firearms, public order .... anything to do with domestic violence or  children....

I could go on...

The politicians...the media....the rent a quote 'experts' who are  happy to sit and offer judgement, often years after an event,smug and all knowing... looking at a safe distance into the ring where life's reality plays out...

The blood pressure monitor is now glowing red... so I'll close this post now....

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Red dot ....means do as your told

Interesting article by the METRO.

The one thing it lacks is detail.

Why did my colleagues who carry decide to pull the trigger ?

I doubt it was a 'drive by' as they saw them walking home from choir practice.

What is a youngster?

Depends on the Act of Parliament you look at ....

I seriously doubt my colleagues who carry thought of the age when the red dot was pointed  but rather the situation that they found themselves in.

Another police 'oppress the Metropolis' youth story with no substance

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Final call.. any FED in the building?.. customers waiting.

The murky world where politics and the media interacts and plies its trade has produced its latest creation, the hue and cry on the FED.

Example A below.

For the bunch of self serving, scheming chancers who earn a trade in politics to point a finger at the upper reaches of the FED regarding lifestyles and expense accounts is eye watering hubris

God knows I have serious issues with the FED as my previous posts make clear.

But in terms of doing it large with the 'expenses and entitlements' the FED are kicking a ball around in the Evo- stik leagues and our Parliamentarians are 'Galacticos'

They are baying for root and branch reform of the FED and yet they cant find time to run a Bill which would allow voters of a constituency to call for a by election if they want to get rid of a sitting MP.

From the perspective of someone at the 'customer facing' end of the business, the FED appear like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

They have lost control of events.

If they are doing something behind the scenes ( other than rolling over  and getting their bellies rubbed) they need to let the people who pay the subs know.

Sell Mothership Leatherhead, downsize, use the money to help us get down to core business which is to effectively protect and promote the interest of its members.

In short, to use a phrase, 'strap a pair on' and get out there swinging.

Because I know if you don't get a grip before its too late I will come into work one day and open up an E mail from the FED and there will be the beaming face of Chairman VAZ looking back at me on the screen.

And I will know then that we are well and truly and utterly shafted.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things must be a little quiet at Liberty HQ

Ms Shami Chakrabarti has decided to put her ten pence worth into the Plebgate row.

LIBERTY protecting civil liberties and promoting human rights

Unless you are a police officer.

Where the right to take issue through a court with an individual who has publicly and repeatedly called you a liar is not allowed if you are constable of the Crown.

Interesting take on events Shami

LIBERTY about as balanced and independent as the other hot air merchants the  IPCC

Soundbites first on the to do list...worry about the rest later.