Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Sundays...

I went into Central London on Sunday to display my gratitude to these men and women
It is probably the last time they will parade at this venue. It was a typically simple,understated occasion that the MET police throughout the year.Not a large crowd for a central London event but even the curious throngs of camera snapping tourists held their peace as the service progressed.

Simple low key policing and assisted by the diligent and resourceful St Johns tending to the hot,tired and weary.

As they marched back into the Whitehall side street from the service parade it was good to see all the veterans cheered and clapped by those who watched.
I think one of the biggest cheers was to Albert Rogers who was, gently, to the triumphant music of the assembled army band, assisted to the rendezvous by a parading police officer.

Some Sundays it is worthwhile getting your backside out of the house.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The TIMES they are a changing

Catching up through the other blogs on this and the enforced 'outing' of Nightjack
I wonder what this paper really achieved,or wanted to achieve on this.

What purpose did it serve? It would appear that its journalist decided to establish if the writings within the posts were that of an actual police officer. I am not sure by what means of 'deduction' this was done but a name was arrived at and it was established it was in fact a serving officer.

Having arrived at this point why then decide to 'out' him?

Nightjack deservedly won an Orwell award for his posts over the previous period and by this likely raised his head over the parapet a bit too much for some.

Blogging by police oficers has become a natural vent to let off steam at the way a vitally important public body has allowed itself to become.

We have no 'official' channels for dissent. The Word is the Word.

There used to be a Q and A section in the old internal rag (sadly still in existence)called 'The Job'. Disgruntled officers would write in and then recieve a smug, patronising response from Chief Inspector 9-5 at Department 'Ticky box to the next rank'. I think there may now be a similar on line forum called 'Ask the SMT' or such like. I doubt the responses to concerned 'colleagues' have changed.

I blog,admittedly not as frequently as I would like, to bay and howl at that big, round, complacent 'We ARE one happy extended police family' moon.

This decision will, and has, affected other bloggers. MetCountymounty, as an example, another very readable blogger, has posted that he will call it a day for a period.

As he has been named, but in NO way shamed, I would like to thank Dc Richard Horton of Lancashire CID for his posts. I have enjoyed every last one.

Take care and I look forward to the book.

As for this Blog? I could probably print off the entire back catalogue and shove it under the Commissioners office door and get no more than a 'Dibble who?'

Should that EVER change I will start to rethink.