Sunday, July 29, 2007

Do you think anyone will notice?

TUPC has already Posted on the Mail on Sundays 'expose' of Met personnel placing picture's/Vids on the new Facebook phenomenon.

My 10 pence worth.

Why? I know we are, by the very nature of our jobs, not the shy and retiring types and we do play about. We are human,laugh,prank and joke amongst ourselves.

However, said antics/comments placed on a public accessed site are not wise.
We have the Mail now harrumphing that officers in high crime boroughs are posing whilst the public are left waiting.

Our job is difficult enough without giving our management and the press another stick to beat us with.

Dibbles captured Facebook pose..... leaning against the custody wall, looking bored with a blue case file in one hand and polystyrene cup of tea in the other, awaiting the end of consultation has apparently attracted few hits.

Pah..!... they said they wanted some reality...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bordering on the ridiculous.

Our new leader Mr Brown has promised a new Border 'Force'.

For some reason the Media seem to churn on the notion that Mr Brown will be the new broom ..... Same horse, different jockey as far as I am concerned.
We have an amalgamation of Immigration,Customs and Excise and Visa application staff. Possibly uniformed?


Especially if the devious foreign miscreant tries to get in the country before 6pm.

Anyway Dibble still finds himself as supervisor. The boss called me into the office and said 'Keep it up Dibble your doing well'
'Cheers boss' I say.
As I close the door I hear him say 'No-one else would do it'
I stopped.'Sorry Guv?'

He paused. " Ernie Els..British Open..couldnt do it"
I shrugged.
As I closed the door he also said something about being a complete 'putter'

I didnt know he was a Golf fan.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Heavy Shoulders

I have not posted recently due to my finding myself in a temporary 'supervisory capacity'
Having been called into the office several weeks ago,the boss gave the usual 'we need someone with experience to oversee things during this period'
I nodded and smiled,knowing that the better qualified were either sick,on leave,on a course or had turned the job down.

It has been an interesting experience.

There are a number things I have learned about being a supervisor.

1.Not only am I responsible for my own apparent faults (as decided by others) I am also personally responsible for everyone else's.
2.A Supervisory role apparently gives you an aura of omniscient knowledge.I have fielded more questions over the last few weeks on such a variety of subjects that I am starting to get hate mail off the Oracle of Delphi.
3.From a man who was quite happy being a Metropolitan 'Z lister' I have been CC'd into more E mails and memos from people I have never heard of than in the previous 6 months

I went out for a beer with an old drinking partner to grizzle on this. As we guided our way through the huddled throng of smokers outside the pub I saw a local newspaper flyer outside the next door newsagents. It said 'Savage dog chews mans testicles'.

I could be worse off in the scheme of things I suppose.