Friday, March 13, 2015

FED spin, FED b*******, FED up

Some choice headlines from the Wail recently, for example ...Police locking up frail dementia patients.

Dip into the detail and its actually police who have tried every opportunity and avenue to get them diverted to other agencies best able to deal. Then to be given the usual 'no room at the inn ' or ' cant assist its gone 5pm'

The latest from them and which sparked this post is the announcement on Ms MAYS decision that the FED a 'militant police union' powers need curbing.

In short

1. We are not a union
2. We are by no means and have never been militant
3. It has become ever clear we have no powers
4. It has never been a closed shop. You cannot be barred from being employed as a police officer by not belonging to the Federation. The majority join because basically its all we have.

I have no particular issue with the FED employing full time professionals from Subs. It is ever apparent the FED cannot cope with its current structure. Sell Leatherhead ,use the money to tap into some talent who can negotiate, use the rules, the regulations , the civil laws, Europe and have the capacity to lobby effectively. Use those who can play the media machine.

ANYTHING that can at least show we are not some docile bunch of ill educated knuckle draggers who know their place.

We are hard working professionals who deserve a right to be heard. 

If you look back at my posts I am a huge critic of the FED. I despair at the management and still do.

What's the best the FED Chairman Steve WHITE has to say at this latest from Ms MAY

' we are pleased the Home Secretary has recognised the progress that we have made in implementing the reforms contained in the independent review we commissioned

I feel like retching. This is our militant, government bashing union leadership!!!!

But at the back of all this is the smugness from HMG that the FED need transparency.

That's from this  HMG....!!!!!

More worryingly is at the vague mention the FED is complicit in an 'attitude' that leads to racism. neglect of vulnerable victims  and the obstruction of official enquiries.

What does that mean? That the  FED represents officers against complaints and the chancers at IPCC? This is perhaps the only function we at ground level can see our Subs being used for thats worthwhile.

Roll on the  Election and at least I can have some say and express an opinion.

Unless of course HMG legislate that we are not allowed a vote.