Sunday, July 01, 2012

A very British cooo.......

News in is that Rufus the Harris hawk has been returned unharmed to his owners following a remarkable lack of security linked to the Wimbledon site.

Although at no point did any Metropolitan police personnel have any involvement in the incident the IPCC will be launching an investigation if a complaint is made.

A spokesperson said.

'This is a clear breach of something or other and as the Daily Mail hasnt  come up with anything new with an anti police slant in the last few days we will willingly sign up and oversee er...well you know smoke without fire....'

Rumours are that a new fringe activist group the PLF ( Pigeon Liberation Front) had been behind the snatch. A note daringly left on a window ledge by what a witness describes as like Speckled Jim out of Blackadder is reputed to have said ' This is a warning .....Stratford  here we come'

Insiders have distanced themselves from information that an alleged ransom demand of 5 bags of grain and a crate of Hovis were to be left behind Court 15.

A further spokesperson from the Olympic command has said 'The activities of this group will not affect the delivery of what will be a safe and successful games. However all those who participate , travel and visit the various sites have been asked to be vigilant and if they see anything suspicious they should report it to a member of G4S. All police leave has been cancelled .....well it had been anyway'

The METS community team are reaching out to the diverse pigeon fancier and racing communiity for any further information that may assist with ongoing enquiries.