Thursday, August 04, 2011

Them and us

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the officer shot this evening in Tottenham.The hindsight heroes, also known as IPCC, are as ever 'all over it'. Lets hope its a speedy resolution to a decision and not leave the unfortunate officer(s) who pulled the trigger swinging for any longer than necessary.

I haven't seen any SMT trollied out for a quote yet....but I am sure I could pencil in about 3/4's of the content before they start.

On another thread I notice that a number of firearms officers from Merseysides Matrix team have been sacked because of an inappropriate photo( according to the Telegraph)whilst turning over some 'customers' house.

As a comparison we have Cleveland's CC and deputy nicked for fraud and corruption and I assume suspended on full pay whilst the likely investigation continues for some considerable time. I don't see any summary quick turn around dismissals there.