Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A sad case of Finger Buffet yobbery

News-lite lately? Well what about this space filler.

Apparently on arrest he was found to be in possession of a slice of Quiche and a chicken drumstick. CPS decided to let this remain on file(which sounds very unhygienic)

A little news snackette to generate a bit of 'typical Police nowadays haven't they got better things to do'

However lets take a little closer look at the content of the item and I will try and get some insight into the plight of this little darling.

With my cynical goggles firmly perched on the end of my nose....

Firstly it would appear that, as a 12 year old he is prescribed sleeping pills.
This,to me, means he has been seen by an array of simpering social workers and child psychologists who will have decided that he has a variety of 'issues ' to explain his unsocial behavior.It is not his fault.

He will have been diagnosed with everything from ADD (which is attention deficit disorder) to DHL (which is... er... guaranteed next day delivery)
He will roam the streets of his neighborhood with similarly afflicted 'yoot' and any criticism of his behavior will be met by an array of 'pack' mums saying things like 'he's not bad, just mischievous' or 'he's like any boy his age'.

Mum aims to tug at our hearts as she explains his plight of being taken away in the police van,processed at the police station and placed in a cell.

Then we hear he has been the subject of three Reprimands.

He is likely to know the procedure inside out and be on first name terms with the Custody Sergeant.

It would appear that the presiding 'judge' has tut tutted over the prosecution decision. Unfortunately Police management ( a term which can look uncomfortable when seen in the same sentence) have done the public and the organisation NO favours by continually describing behaviour such as this as 'low level' crime.

This comes across as just simply 'patronising'.

To me this means it is only 'low level' if you don't have to put up with it day in day out

Good on you reviews on this .. the right decision.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Personal Ads

Lonely Hearts

Grumpy,disillusioned 'mature' copper seeks Home Secretary with like interests.

No Liars, Time Wasters or Snake Oil 'salespersons' please.

With stories like this and this and this and this........showing what a complete shambles this country has become.....

I could be a wallflower for a very long time.