Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Compare and contrast part 2

Been mad crazy in work recently so have not had the opportunity to comment on stuff going on

First and foremost...

The retrial of the latest suspect to be involved in the killing of PC Blakelock resulted in a Not Guilty verdict....majority decision I believe.

No riots or mobs outside. No storming of the corridors of the court by supporters.

Just quiet dignity by the family facing this.

Cursory involvement in the media coverage from start to finish

A police officer was hacked to death on an estate in Tottenham. A  colleague was left with long lasting injuries and subsequent issues with his life after.

Nada...zilch...fat zero... real interest from Her Majesties press. The Beeb gave the accused his 10 pence worth  to air his views...was it News night? ..not sure ...don't care...I know where they stand.

I could rant for pages about this but it is pointless...

No one outside this Job cares...not the Media ...Government or its hangers on

I admire the team trying  pursue this but this must be the last throw of the dice.

Those in that mob ...that night... know what happened

I despise them.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Compare and Contrast

Tom Whinger

In a worrying assessment, Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary Tom Windsor said the public felt badly let down by the failure of officers to live up to expected standards of integrity.

Chairman Vaz

The chair of the Home affairs Select Committee, has said that some police are able ' to get away with corruption and incompetence' because of 'broken systems of accountability'

Ms May

'Its astonishing that the police have not had an explicit code of ethics an equivalent if you like of the Hippocratic  oath for Doctors'

' I think it will approve vital for establishing and maintaining fundamental standards for police officers'

Maria Miller MP


Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Loads on nonsense in the media recently about police

Tom Whinger...lawyer, ex rail regulator and as HMIC occasionally seen in a dodgy uniform. He reports confidence in police is 'severely shaken 'in the eyes of the public....Lawrenson,  Hillsborough, undercover officers, Plebgate, Tomlinson...

PLEASE !!!!  give me a HMIP ( Her Majesties Inspectorate of Politicians) and I would work my days off for free reviewing the activities of our esteemed Parliamentarians.

The latest from the Daily Bile..

Apparently the FED..... a police UNION!..according to the BILE, were waging a guerrilla  warfare against politicians. Why were the Che Guevara's at leatherhead so described ? They decided to get some professional PR advice from a firm in the face of hard nosed politicking from HMG.

I am all for this.

When you are dealing with sharks, you learn to swim  and then you get some teeth.

HMG spend millions of pounds worth of tax payers money surrounding themselves with like staff .  The hubris of this makes me gag.

What else..

The College of Policing ... an entity which frankly was not asked for and has NO support from anybody who actually does the job... is reviewing Bail.

No more than 28 days ...unless exceptional circumstances!

To anybody out there who deals with the reality of day to day custody matters and the process of arrest to charge ,it just screams out .....'you have never done this...!!!!'

Which of course they never have.....which is why they seek refuge in an entity called the College of Policing.

What else has gripped my s**t ?

Of course the IPCC. How they can keep the 'independent' in the title is beyond me but apparently we should view complaints as 'feedback'

No its not feedback its a complaint.

An officer dealing is entitled to say...'No I have not done anything wrong. I have done my role fairly....and NO I have done nothing to apologise for '

The perception is from the 'INDEPENDENT'  PCC is that the complainant is always right.

No they are not