Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Compare and contrast part 2

Been mad crazy in work recently so have not had the opportunity to comment on stuff going on

First and foremost...

The retrial of the latest suspect to be involved in the killing of PC Blakelock resulted in a Not Guilty verdict....majority decision I believe.

No riots or mobs outside. No storming of the corridors of the court by supporters.

Just quiet dignity by the family facing this.

Cursory involvement in the media coverage from start to finish

A police officer was hacked to death on an estate in Tottenham. A  colleague was left with long lasting injuries and subsequent issues with his life after.

Nada...zilch...fat zero... real interest from Her Majesties press. The Beeb gave the accused his 10 pence worth  to air his views...was it News night? ..not sure ...don't care...I know where they stand.

I could rant for pages about this but it is pointless...

No one outside this Job cares...not the Media ...Government or its hangers on

I admire the team trying  pursue this but this must be the last throw of the dice.

Those in that mob ...that night... know what happened

I despise them.


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