Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things must be a little quiet at Liberty HQ

Ms Shami Chakrabarti has decided to put her ten pence worth into the Plebgate row.

LIBERTY protecting civil liberties and promoting human rights

Unless you are a police officer.

Where the right to take issue through a court with an individual who has publicly and repeatedly called you a liar is not allowed if you are constable of the Crown.

Interesting take on events Shami

LIBERTY about as balanced and independent as the other hot air merchants the  IPCC

Soundbites first on the to do list...worry about the rest later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a story published yesterday which didn't get much publicity about a leaked e-mail sent the day before Plebgate happened.It said that Mitchell was going to force his way through the locked gates no matter what and the police there were to be on alert for the confrontation.
Interesting stuff which will fully come out in the civil trial hopefully.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...


There is probably a lot more material out there.Unloved and awaiting someone to pay it some attention.

The media have moved on.

The spin is now on the FED.

A little bit of media dust and the FED are an out of control cabal spending the poor bobbys Fed subs on largesse

3:06 PM  

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