Monday, December 30, 2013

A poem

It was Lates Christmas time in the Police House and the prisoners were coming in fast

A barefooted man with issues was determined to make it his last.

Sergeant said 'constant watch it is' and officers tasked to sit by the door

The man sat and cried upon the cell bench and talked to the face in the floor.
The sergeants made calls in the bedlam as the drunks and the idiots rage

and still the vans lined up outside to fill up  the Custody cage   


They called for a health assessment but was told there was simply a catch

Only ‘one on’ and still dealing, covering a large area South of the patch.


The Duty Inspector rails at the lack of the numbers to give Night shift some hope

But its Bank Holiday staffing sir and the management say we can cope.


The appropriate adults are called as the juvenile smirks at their shame

But extended family aren’t bothered or answering so its Social Services again.


The interpreters wait to assist at length with our customers from over the seas

Bean counters will wince at the end of the year when they come to add up the fees.


Duty solicitors sit giving succor and advice as the evenings tales are retold

And some sit waiting in the cells thinking 'why didn’t I do as was told!'.


Some drunks still wanting to fight, bang and shout nonsense through the cell door

But exhaustion finally takes its toll and even themselves they eventually bore.

The numbers in the cage dwindles as the staff work their way through the queue

And leave the drunks and life's flotsam till Earlies, to sober up and await a review.


Another day in the Police House and it’ll start again very soon....just wait,

But we always keep it working ……….and maybe that’s our sad little fate!


To all those parading over Christmas and New Year…and all colleagues who continue to make the management in this organisation look good, week in and week out.....

Despite everything !!!

Take care and look after yourselves, family and friends.

Have a good 2014



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