Sunday, October 27, 2013

If you live in a House of Cards ...why huff and puff?

If the Daily Bile is accurate, one of the three officers harangued by the Commons Committee may be threatened to be summoned to 'the bar of the commons' ... for  'trial'

Which one?  I ask.. as there are a number tucked away in its exalted halls...all tax payer subsidised.

Apparently this hasn't been done for over 50 years.

His crime ?....apart from not crawling with the others, into Parliament, wearing a  hair shirt to grovel at the table of the Committee, was to call 'allegedly' Ms May ' that woman'

The 'transcript' secretly recorded by Mr Mitchell suggests he did. He cant recall using those words.

I hope his advisors ask for and carefully analyse the original copy of the 'secret recording' to refresh his memory.

The CCTV footage allegedly casting doubt on the original officers account took about 3 months to 'appear'

Should this office fail to 'apologise'...I am assuming for calling Ms May 'that woman'..  he could theoretically be imprisoned for the remaining term of Parliament.

It seems the last person to be 'summoned' was the Sunday Express editor  Sir John Junor in 1957 who dared publish an article criticising politicians petrol allowances. He apologised.

I bet now, knowing what they HAVE  been up to over the years he may have considered his words.

If  ' that woman' is all Ms May has been called in  her time as a politician I think she can think her self lucky.   


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