Monday, October 07, 2013

Same horse ...different jockey...bigger fences

I can feel safer in my bed tonight because, to great fanfare, the National Crime Agency has been launched.

The British FBI , a force of 4500 officers ( I am not sure where they are getting these figures from) and a smattering of unpaid volunteers to fill in the gaps will ensure a relentless disruption of organised criminals.Well certainly Monday to Friday 9-5.

Having been at the 'bread and butter' end of policing reality for my entire  career, I was never sure what the previously named National Crime Squad or Serious Organised Crime Agency did.

My experience of the more Gucci squads when you call asking is this in their remit was a sharp intake of breath and words like..'not ours mate ..crack on...'

Naturally with this government it talks the talk and cuts the funding.

Previously efficient functioning agencies being absorbed will likely suffer as the re branding hides the 'efficiency' measures.

However it has the full backing of Ms May and her Government.

What can go wrong?

I expect in about 5-6 years they will run this PR exercise again with a new name and call it progress

New Name? ....How about

National Agency For Fighting Serious Crime And Mobsters


Its got that ring to it.


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