Monday, July 22, 2013

About time....

The Daily Wail has led with an item that the MET will charge an individual with the death of Pc Blakelock

This incident occurred 28 years ago. A police officer was brutally hacked to death by a mob, in a riot, in the UK.

I hadn't joined the MET then but,as was the vast majority of the public , horrified as to what had happened.

His horrific death , in my opinion, became lost in the politics and hand wringing of our so called political elite.

I could rant on for ages about the politics and issues around this but........

If we do get  a name on a charge sheet again about the death of this officer I salute every one involved in it and particularly the management who have seen it through over the years to come to this point.

This individual is one of the many in the mob involved who killed the officer that day.

That it has taken this long makes me thankful of the diligence and determination of the investigation team and senior management involved.

Cynically I expect they might have been under pressure to walk away from this.

I expect the usual suspects to rally to the cause when the individual is named ...

But what the hell..lets see it through.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

****** time! One out of how many? Told mrs if seriously injured or killed no politicians or senior management highest rank allowed C/insp! Seriously there has been no political will to go after the murders! Shows how highly regarded police officers lives are!

5:57 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

I know what you mean. The 'cut and paste' sincerity grates when I see them linng up for the media slot.

They pay lip service and no more because they need us.

But if the Wails report is true then someone in NSY at high level has seen it through.

I hope to see some official confirmation soon

5:46 PM  

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