Thursday, July 18, 2013

And so it goes on....

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has churned out another report complaining about the police

Met is failing to deal with racism complaints, say IPCC

Isn’t that surprising?

An organisation whose existence can only thrive on complaints has found cause for complaint.

I don’t think the IPCC could find it’s a**e using two hands and a map but I suppose they would complain about that as well.

The media are clearly bored and still attempting to foment the idea of some form of crisis in the MET. This will soon be forgotten when the royal birth arrives.

A face and a microphone outside NSY claims all Commanders across the MET are being summonsed for a meeting.


If true, loads of internal hand wringing, patronising emails cascading from above and at the very least posters and possibly an NCALT training package at some point.

A summary 

‘A report by the IPCC says the Metropolitan Police Service is failing to deal effectively with race complaints.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

The police watchdog is calling for a cultural change in the way force deals with such complaints, supported by training, monitoring and community feedback.

It said after analysing the data officers were not handling race complaints ‘in a sufficiently robust, fair or customer-focused way’.

IPCC Commissioner Jennifer Izekor said as race is ‘a critical issue’ for the Met, the way it deals with complaints about allegedly racist behaviour by police officers is ‘crucial to public confidence’ in the force.

She said: “This report shows that, though there are some examples of good practice, in general there is an unwillingness or inability to deal with these complaints robustly and effectively.

“Too often, complaints are dismissed without proper investigation or resolution, complainants are not properly engaged with, and lessons are not learnt.”

The report found that racial discrimination was only tackled robustly where there was independent evidence of an overt offence such as racist language.

The IPCC said the quality of investigations was ‘in general poor’, and little or no account was taken of its guidance on the issue.

Mrs Izekor said this can exacerbate people’s negative experience, and officers may not be held to account for their actions.

She said: “We know that there is less confidence both in policing and in the complaints system among BME communities.

“If the Metropolitan Police Service is serious about building that confidence, there will need to be a cultural change to complaints handling.”

Bottom line, like anything else in the real world, if it is capable of some form of proof we will run with it and put it to CPS.

In the METS eyes anything is racist if someone deems it racist

So if someone says ABC happened and it’s because of my his /her race/colour of skin it’s flagged as a racist incident.

Ok …but this still leaves that big issue. Is it ever capable of being proved beyond someone’s PERCEPTION of the incident.

The key paragraph I think is this

The report found that racial discrimination was only tackled robustly where there was independent evidence of an overt offence such as racist language.

That’s pretty much the same for any incident we deal with, whether deemed racist or not.

Life is Life and not everything can be dealt with to the satisfaction of the complainant.


A member of ANOTHER tub thumping bunch of  hot air merchants  has come up with

Metropolitan Police 'ignore 45% of London crimes'

Up to 45% of all crimes in London are "ignored" by police, Conservatives on the London Assembly have claimed.

Police data for 2012-13 shows that 76% of motor vehicle thefts, 40% of residential burglaries and 23% of robberies were "screened out".

Tory London Assembly Member Roger Evans said not probing minor crimes robustly was sending a "dangerous message".

The Met said it investigated every allegation of crime and conducted secondary probes in 60% of cases.

Figures from the force show that about 45% of cases - 346,397 incidents - did not lead to follow-up investigations.

'No interest'

The cases which were "screened out" include 16,820 (76%) reports of car thefts, 16,748 (80%) of bike thefts, about 24,339 (40%) burglaries in residential properties and more than 7,570 (23%) reports of robbery of personal property.

Mr Evans, the police and crime spokesman for Greater London Authority Conservatives, said: "A victim of crime shouldn't feel that the police have no interest in them unless you are physically or sexually assaulted.

"Moreover, many criminals' illegal activities escalate each time they get away with it so we are sending out a very dangerous message."

A statement from the Met Police said: "The MPS investigates every single allegation of crime that it receives.

"A number of crime allegations will require secondary investigation once the initial investigation is complete.

"The MPS currently conducts secondary investigations in approximately 60% of all crime allegations, as compared to the national average of 45%."

The force said it was improving the "quality and rigour of initial investigations in order to improve the service to victims by reducing the need for follow up visits".

The MET lives and works in the real world.

Despite the figures merchants claiming crime is falling, I know my little patch of paradise is awash , particularly with Theft Dip, Distraction theft, Theft other....

Frankly we have to screen crimes in or out otherwise we would figuratively speaking ‘drown’

Every crime report to the MET is looked at. It is NOT ignored. But the volume has to be assessed realistically. We apply set parameters on each crime. If we think, within those parameters ,we can nvestigate we will.

Simply, with the  resources available ( and falling ) we cannot look at everything.

I think the MET  do alright with the resources we have available and the sheer volume of the incidents and population we deal with.

But that wouldn’t catch an editor’s eye would it.


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