Monday, July 08, 2013

Old perceptions fall, some still continue...

It was nice to come into a Monday early turn after a weekend and not have much to deal with.

Everyone was saying it was the Murray factor. A City glowing with the satisfaction of a long held sporting dream coming to fruition rather than sections of our customer base resorting to type on a weekend booze/anger fest.   

I was reading an article in the Evening Standard on my way home today quoting Damian Green, an MP… (look him up on Google if your that  interested)  who believes we as police should be invoking the Olympic spirit and raising our game . The glow of the Games should be infused into our daily routine.

It’s one thing being all smiley  in a one off specific environment where the Members of the Public are all nice, happy and ‘on board’ ...than at 2am in the morning, short staffed and dealing with drunken and violent idiots.

But what would an MP know?

He talks about banishing the ‘canteen culture’…..where are  his aides and researchers digging this stuff up from?

If he bothered to look at the Stats there are few canteens left open, if at all, in the  dwindling estate. It’s more of a ‘packed lunch, a microwave meal, or Tesco/ Sainsbury, Maccy D Culture’ than anything else …. All whilst working at the computer playing catch up.

He and the Press portray the MET as ENGULFED in scandal…..


All in the past……just awaiting the Govt to give a knee jerk response to a drip fed media.

Let the politicians beat their breasts, the committees and the enquiries be set up. The only people who will gain are the legal teams on either side of the divide.

But that is as it ever will be.

Neither myself or any colleague I have worked with will be crawling down Whitehall crying ‘ mea culpa’.

Let the politicians and the media play the games.

Damian talks of ‘cleaning the stables’ out of the Police.

If he thinks the ‘stables of the Police’ require a cleaning out… a shovelling of a few festering piles of manure…… then his cosy Establishment on the Thames would require isolation and full fumigation.

But THEY just don’t see it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spot on! Police bashing is the media's and politicians' favourite pastime! Wasn't tad mien Green the bright spark who wanted officers to travel in uniform to and from work?

12:23 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

A 'soundbite' artist par excellance!

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never known a situation in my long 24 years where things have been so bad.
Experienced police are leaving in droves.The ones stuck-like me-are incredibly fed up with the job.
New recruits are of a much lower standard and we are relying far to much on poorly trained Specials and unqualified PCSO's.
The senior officers rarely venture out of their offices to speak to us and lead by bullying email.
I could go on but you get the idea..

3:42 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

It's rare in my place for anyone to even try to be remotely positive about whats happening......even rarer than someone admitting they've actually bothered to watch one of Sir BHH's videos to the troops

1:05 PM  

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