Sunday, March 31, 2013

Total chutzpah

I wondered if somewhere within the Houses of Parliament (or Fight Club as it has become known locally) Eric Joyce and Andrew  Mitchell met up for a swift couple of taxpayer subsidised ' liveners' before disappearing off for the Easter break.

Andrew 'Thrasher' Mitchell and Eric 'Are you looking at me?' Joyce have taken umbrage for various reasons at the Mets involvement in their professional and hence public  lives.

Great quote, if true, from  MP David Davis ( regarding the alleged 'leaking' of sections of the Mets CPS internal investigation into Plebgate) 'It is not for members of the Metropolitan  police to decide on their own case and it certainly not for them to attempt to spin themselves out of trouble'

Damn straight David!! If we wanted to take that line we would go cap in hand to the masters of it 'in da House'.

Not sure what Eric is trying to suggest by the bored  'doorman mentality' of officers who protect them.

If he wants G4S, or whoever wants the contract, to take over and deal with security its fine by me.

But when the massed ranks of disaffected citizens roll up outside looking for payback,  as ever the bored knuckle dragging door staff will step up and put themselves on offer to save said elected 'elite'

Witnessed some great hands on work by my colleagues over the Easter break.

We all know they hate us at HP but they could not function without us.

Happy Easter and stay safe.


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