Monday, March 11, 2013

Total nonsense

The MET apparently have (still) an MPS Environment and Sustainability Team

They also give a big shout out to the Waste and Resources Programme (WRAP)

Apparently if we all stopped throwing food away that should have been eaten it would have the same carbon impact as taking 1 in 5 cars off the road.

There is a Top Tips training slot. The workshops are at New Scotland Yard (NSY)... of course

No chance of the facilities there being capped or time limited.

There are an ever increasing number of stations whose access to food beyond a restricted time frame is nonexistent. It means struggling for change and buying (and over paying) for basic snacks in machines.

God help you if you have an office toaster tucked away somewhere. You have been told!

We are in the middle of the biggest fundamental change to Met structure in decades.

Large swathes of civilian staff (back office) are on their way out. We are closing large portions of the Met Estate. Nothing is sacred. Sir Bernard’s One London model is creating some eye wincing shift patterns.

However as long as there is someone out there banging the drum for the METS Corporate Social Responsibility program (CSR strategy) all is well

According to the splurge the average UK worker spends £1200 on lunches each year.

Frankly, like most of my colleagues, I am not your average worker.

I invariably eat at my desk. I bring sandwiches into work or something quick I can quick heat in the industrial sized microwave off the canteen.

I can’t recall the last time I sat away from a terminal for a refreshment break...and don’t start me on my culinary practices when I do get home

My shifts and finish times are such that I am too tired and spend most of my time throwing something frozen into the microwave when I do get home. Considering the recent scandals I have probably eaten the equivalent of the race card of the 1.30 at Cheltenham.

I am sure the people behind the Environment and Sustainability Team are earnest people but as I keep getting told by SLT we have to cut our cloth etc...

By the way if you have a soft cucumber to sort out check out the classes on the 13th....


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be careful mate, you have told the world that you work behind a terminal. The DPS will narrow it down and find you!

12:45 PM  

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