Friday, March 16, 2012


Any sightings are anxiously awaited by a (considerable) number of owners of a creature who often goes by the name of Pol Fed.

It is a nervous animal, avoids any serious confrontation and is quite happy to roll on its back and have its belly rubbed when told no.

It is known to regularly frequent the Surbiton area but has apparently recently been seen near some expensive restaurants near Westminster trying to rub up against the locals and get a sympathetic pat on the head.

Its owners fear for its welfare as its health has been in decline for some years.

It has no teeth and relies on its owners to keep it fed and watered.

Any information leading to its current whereabouts will be gratefully received.They have spent a considerable amount on its upkeep over the years and would like to know where this little creature is hiding out.

If located,the owners will have to assess its current condition.If it is as poorly as its owners believe it to be,it may be a consideration to put it out to pasture and try and find a younger ,more dynamic and reliable creature who can do what it was brought up to do...look after its owners.

Thank you in anticipation


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