Friday, September 30, 2011

Hucking funbelievable

News filtered through the office this afternoon that Ali Dizaei had been reinstated (then 'suspended') but now back on his full pay despite a pending retrial on the matter in which he spent OVER A YEAR! in jail.

Jaws dropped....Gobsmacked ....'you are ******* joking'.. summed up the mood.

If Mr Dizaei is under any impression that his rehabilitation into the Met is received with ANY sympathy or there is ANY groundswell of opinion that he is AGAIN the unlucky persecuted subject of some prolonged campaign by the MET he is sadly mistaken.

I haven't seen any members of the Black Police officers Association step up with a quote....yet.

At some point this organisation (and those that oversee it) are going to have to strap on a pair.

This decision has seriously affected what morale we have left..

Comments usually started with ....'if that was me....'

I need a liquid cosh now.....'landlord!!!!'


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