Sunday, June 16, 2013

Let's talk relativity

Lets talk Relativity.

No….. Not E = MC Hammer or whatever it was

Apparently… straight talking…. Call me Dave… man of the people… Cameron reckons the police in the UK are relatively honest.

Frankly Dave ….compared with some of the grasping ‘troughers’ at the House on the Thames the Vatican should be drawing lots as to who within Police UK should be given a sainthood.

When challenged on the remark he waffled as ever and threw in other possible ‘bad eggs’ such as politicians and the press.

ACPO .Nothing to say ….probably worrying about what the local PCC is thinking up and hoping it’s not P45.

The FED…hah…..apparently the quote was . "The description was clumsy in that it has been interpreted in a way that I am sure is far from what he meant. "I am satisfied by his further clarification that he was intending to demonstrate the differences between the West in general and unstable regimes."

Yeah right and then it was off to Mothership Leatherhead for cocktail hour.

We cannot win. They do despise us.

But they need us, so occasionally they trickle down some faint praise. Usually when one of us dies or is seriously injured

Like the officer in the Mosque in Wolverhampton yesterday. Taser used ..didn’t work..   attacked with a knife .. a piece of lead propelled at appropriate speed would have assisted. As the two in Woolwich found out

The Central areas are full of Aid at present. The local press seem caught in what to do.

They put the story of the 3 climbing specialists in the G8 squat raid wrestling with the roof top protester along with the images from Turkey…..

I am very thankful I gave up my flame retardant boiler suit of justice some years ago

And apparently the Met are getting Positive…in terms that they are looking to positively discriminate to ensure the Met reflects the community.

I don’t care what colour, religion, sexual orientation or whatever perceived ‘difference’ there is in the colleagues I work with. All I expect is that they are capable, willing to learn and have passed the same procedures as I did ( or did…and I could swing the lamp for some time about the old days of yore at Hendon) and that are capable of hitting the ground running or at least at a fast walk…when they are allowed out..

Positive discrimination is unfair. It is unfair on those who are not perceived to need ‘Positivity’  and clearly affects candidates who are clearly able but are left with that perception they were only pushed through because at that particular intake the MET needed %   XXX….….. 

As I am on a rant ….what about The Mayors Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) and its plans for the remainder of the MET estate …A review document is published  for public consultation

One of the most politically ridden comments came when they discussed the residential estate. The Met has reduced the number of units of accommodation for officers who have trouble finding affordable accommodation in London. Post Sheehey it has been pared away..

The quote was something like ..’ we will work with local providers to obtain affordable housing . This will ensue they are able to be respond quickly in an emergency and live amongst the community they serve.’

I have worked in some rough areas in London and frankly sections of that community wouldn’t ‘p**s on me if I was on fire.

They have no concept of what wearing the uniform  has on the officer or his family and the restrictions it brings

How they expect new recruits to even consider living centrally on £19000 amazes me.

But MOPAC is a political animal and eventually it will chew its own tail to an inevitable conclusion.

It’s the damage left afterwards is the issue.

Sir BHH to the rescue?…mmmmm…don’t hold your breath…..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spot on rant.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Work in an rough east end London borough. When a colleague and I got ambushed in the disorder by a gang of thirty youths not one of the numerous witnesses could identify the attackers though they said they were local boys! Some said they thought we were brave defending ourselves robustly! The only good thing to come out of it was a few days off for free whilst we recovered from our wounds! Senior officers platitudes and anger dissolved into nothing when it came to the investigation!
Senior officers and politicians seem to live in another reality compared to where I work!
Rumour had it after the stabbing in Wembley where one of the officers said they wouldn't have been injured if they had a tazer BHH wanted to equip every frontline officer till he found out the cost! BHH settled for four per borough! Can't wait to sue if I get injured as there is a case to say I wasn't equipped properly!

11:59 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...


This job just makes you bark at the moon some days


I remember a similar thing. A simple stop and search escalated badly. Urgent assistance went up and the was a large ruck involving police from all over and the local youth. A number arrested and two officers in hosptal with suspected concussion.A member of SMT turns up demanding a full debrief so they can address community concerns...stony silence until someone pipes up.. 'I'll pass on your regards to the two in hospital'...too many faces staring back for anyone to be invited for a personal chat.SMT disappears off.
I guess they are still probably doing well in this organisation

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are our own worst enemies.Loads of PC's on my borough have just come back from the G8,strutting around like returning heroes.No matter how much the govt shaft us we come back for more.The Fed should have told other forces not to help the PSNI as a gesture of our disgust.It might have made a point.

2:52 AM  

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