Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More TOTAL stuff

TOTAL POLICING rolls on...

We are at the issuing of laminated cards stage in the MET at the moment. Unfortunately the design is a basic 14.5 x 10.5 cm sheet in hard laminate and not the usual, designed to fold and fit into the warrant card holder.

Perhaps they are thinking if it is not capable of being tucked away  we will leave it out as  constant aide memoir.

This was clearly not researched. Like myself, many officers used to while away the journey home by re reading the previous warrant card library to remind us of what we do for a living!

Some great tips however on basic questions we should be asking victims of crime.

eg...is the suspects ID known?

On the reverse are our objectives. Pretty basic stuff although I am not sure about the 'Cut costs and improve policing capability' but I suppose its flavour of the month at the Home Office.

However this achievement will be with

Integrity Courage Compassion and Professionalism

If Sir BHH and his staff looked beyond the spread sheets and the wordbites its what the vast majority of his troops  are doing anyway.

Staff as ever adapt, improvise and overcome. The cards are being utilised as tea mug place mats , mouse mats and (in a great pooling of material) stopping the wobbly leg  on the corner table,

TOTAL Resourcefulness

As an afterthought......

I am not one for conspiracy theories but aren't the initials of our above CORE values the same as the IPCC

Sir BHH  changes at the end of his day...takes off a latex mask and its Deborah GLASS

......aaaarrrrrrgh    !!!!!   .....aaaarrrrrgh    !!!!!!   .....aaaarrrrrrgh     !!!!


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