Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Festive thanks and an appeal

The Collage of  Polishing (CV merchants  and seat warmers welcomed ) would like to express its sincerest thanks to the current Government for its creation in these clearly defined austere times.

We recognise it has offered a refuge for the homeless and clearly bewildered who have found their lives put asunder in circumstances beyond their control when their ordered lives were set adrift by other policy. Those applications from ACPO and the NPIA are always welcome

Cast adrift they have been offered a lifeline and have been embraced by the Collage and its new management.

The Collages introduction will ensue the stating  of the 'f******g obvious' and the 'No s**t Sherlock' moments will continue as before.

Respected pollsters Makeit, Upasi, Goalong ( often used by senior politicians) have concluded the establishment of the  Collage will be welcomed by the troops on the ground.

Indeed we will be asking for contributions for its upkeep in the near future.

Thank you

and remember an unasked for Quango is for Life, not just for Christmas


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another wate of time unit for the promontionaly mind shiny arsed arm chair commando! Why do those who are too scared or lazy to be frontline officers chose roles to tell those that are what to do? They base their policies on the liberal consensus they believe politicians want! When was the last time they had to deal with a coke and boozed up east end gent that does not want to be nicked and is happy to take on the world ? Never as they are to scared too that's why they work in the office and bet they won't be working over the holidays as they get their leave approved!

4:20 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

I doubt there will be much front line work mentioned in the CV when they queue up at the gates to apply.

1:48 PM  

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