Saturday, February 23, 2008

La differance!

We may not see eye to eye with our French partners but when they want to they can have a firm approach to dealing with a problem.
This sort of action seems to me to be something a little lacking in our approach to those on our estates who occasionally give us major public disorder.
Can you imagine any politician in this country ordering that sort of response?

I recall the last spate of street disturbances being dealt with by much public handshaking with community leaders by politicians with an eye on their constituency majority....partnership..working together ..blah blah.

Early raids.. doors being put in?.. don't think so.

Critics say Sarkozy is just putting up a 'security show' with an eye on keeping the electorate happy. Good luck to him.

And coming up with a quote such as a 'war without mercy' on crime?
That sounds far too confrontational for the mealy-mouthed wasters who run this country.
If we want a response to a crime problem we get a media push of reheated never going to work initiatives.. actually physically doing something..nah!

And a special 'bulletproof and fireproof anti gang car'..! I bet there would be a few pushing and shoving in the parade room on that briefing to get the keys and a chance to drive that baby.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Advice? Not me.

I've been a bit pre-occupied at work recently.

The file it 'W for Weary' side of my desk is getting a bit top heavy.I need a few A for 'Actually a decent job'files to balance the other side of the desk but they have been a bit thin on the ground of late.

The capacity for apparently intelligent,educated people to part with their hard earned cash to a con merchant still makes me shake my head despondently

I sat in a side room the other day with a victim of crime.We had an array of E-mails and assorted correspondence on the desk between us.
I looked up and said 'In all honesty I have to say you have been quite naive in this'
The man who was a self employed business consultant positively bridled at the suggestion.
He'd have bridled even more if I had been brutally honest and said 'Listen boss,lets face it you have been plain f****ng stupid and they saw you coming'

Anyway musn't grumble, there is always something to bring a smile to your face in this job.

I was in the locker room a few days ago getting ready for the earlies and I heard the door being opened and the sounds of someone in a rush. There was the rattle of a locker door being shook and the sounds of muttered swearing.
A face appeared around the corner and said 'Have you got a key,any small key?.
I had a search in my locker and came up with a couple of old keys on a ring.
'Thanks' he said.
A quick jiggle later and the lock and hasp were open.He grabbed what he was after and closed it again. He handed the keys back to me.
'Not much of a lock that' I said.
He stood and looked at it for a few seconds and said 'Yeah.. keep on meaning to get it changed..' Then he was off, out of the door.

What made me chuckle for the rest of the shift was that he is one of our Crime prevention officers.