Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New year... no changes

The old Police bashing continues unabated as we swing into the first week of 2012.

Her Majesties media would have us thinking that perhaps the tragic events in County Durham could well be linked to a failure to act by Police years ago.

I am thinking of personally asking for the CC of Durham to explain why the 3 Pre Cogs lying in suspended animation in the basement of Durham Constabulary HQ didn't pick it up and send a Minority Report to the firearms licensing team to sort it out.

I am not trying to trivialise the deaths in Peterlee.. that is horrific. It is just the banal nonsense peddled by the media to fill newsprint.

Another thing on that.

Is it just me or where Sky 'No news' peddling one of the names of the victims of the shooting based on 'local' information very early on.Any consideration there if any family had been informed beforehand?

They are on our backs because of our alleged failures following the shooting in Salford!

And if you believe the hacks, the Police Service and Constabularies are awash with criminals,highwaymen,footpads and 'near do wells'.

Dammit, we may as well sod the recruitment stuff and throw a bag of High Viz jackets and a few radios into the nearest crack den and have done.

Still the Met can stand tall and stare down any of this nonsense.
History is history.You are who you are.Wait and see.Whats done is done.

As an organisation we have Commander Ali Dezaei on paid gardening leave whilst he awaits retrial on substantive criminal matters regarding public office.

Just saying......