Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Strong words.No news.No change.

On my way home last night I passed my local newsagent.The Evening Standard flyer board..not usually my paper of choice...caught my eye and made me stop and backtrack.

'Met rocked by Apartheid Row'.


Now I know the 10th anniversary of the McPherson Report has caused a 'review of progress'(or lack) depending on who is talking...of how the Met has 'moved on'.

I was never convinced we had a serious position to move on from but that is a bye the bye for this particular ramble.

I had to call in and buy a copy to establish exactly what we had been up to generate such a comment.Had we been deliberately segregating as an organisation Whites and Non Whites. Where there separate queues in the canteen,separate entrances at police stations,different offices? a large swathe of indefensible activities in our not inconsiderable estate?

Actually no.. this is about a group of PCSO's working out of a Central London station. The article is as basic on details as is its header and is based on 'submissions' given by one PCSO about a number of others in a Tribunal concerning events at this ONE station. A sorry tale all round by the sounds and the actual truth is still in the mix.

Met rocked by Apartheid?...

I think Mr Stephenson has it right when he says 'pockets'....and very small pockets at that. Nothing worth picking in there.

Apart from my small change buying this paper to read this trash.


Blogger Blue Eyes said...

Yup, this stuff annoys me. Even the Standard would never say "French person commits crime, therefore all French people are criminals" but when it comes to "favoured" institutions like the Met the media feel perfectly free to bash, bash and bash some more.

If some Met employees were being stupid they should be fired just as they would be in any other organisations. The face that they seem to be indicates to me that the Met's policy is working.

For some people that will never be enough.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as you're white, you'll be racist. If you're a copper, doubly so.

Ironic really, on one hand it's racist to look at one group of people as though they are all the same, but ok for another for another group.

5:03 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

Blue Eyes

I think events has led some parts of the media to trawl.If thats the best 'News' stick they can find to beat us with then we cant be doing too badly.


For some I thinks its a case of guilty until proven innocent when police are involved.

1:37 PM  

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