Thursday, October 02, 2008

No 'ice in Pol just 'itical.

Well that's it then, the Comish has called it a day.I find it hard to believe that an indirect failure by Boris to fully support his police chief tipped him over the edge. He has faced far worse over his term than a curmudgeonly 'failure to support' from our blond haired bluffer of a mayor.

At that level its politics.Basic policing doesn't come into it.

A personal opinion is one of disappointment. There are big issues banging at the door of the MET at the moment be it the Menezes enquiry or the wailings of the BPA and the treatment of its high profile members.

If calling it a day was on his mind then I would have liked him to have seen these issues through and then walk away.

What we have now is a vacuum just waiting to be filled by those with issues to say 'I told you smoke without fire..'you can see the headlines/editorials/sound bites now and the hardly concealed smirks on the faces of those who still remain in a job.

At ground floor its academic really....the sh*t still gets shovelled....but it still grates.


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