Saturday, September 20, 2008

OT and me....a personal view.

There is a bit of a furore in Thames Valley following the investigation into Op Overt. An E-mail by a skipper at TV has apparently surfaced and horror of horrors might suggest that the Old Bill do OT for reasons such as paying off bills, mortgage,helping towards savings,holidays..! other than a selfless all driven need to stand for hours and hours at a scene for the....hell of it.

I have done this job for a long time now. I work hard and still believe in what I do despite all the nonsense that surrounds policing these days. I am also one of those officers who will stay on a spare shift and top and tail a job and not put an OT request in.

However when a call comes in,be it ET or LT when I am going to incur(OT)
I expect that as a matter of fact.

I do not do this job for love.

I am professional and hardworking but if they want me to 'stay on' I expect to get paid for it.

I have heard all the talk over the years from those who say this 'this is the best job in the world and I would do it for free'....I have also not known any of these do any other than a straight eight hour without putting a claim in.

Similarly on our Rest Days (which shift working staff will see as the light at the end of that particular weeks tunnel)if I am cancelled then I expect payment. Sometimes we get 'stiffed' and the cancellation is 'plus 15 days notice' otherwise the Job 'incurs'

The Sgt in TV is (in my reading of this) trying to get volunteers to 'bite' at taking their precious leave at a premium rate.

He is being honest,creative. He has probably been given a list of dates to fill during this OP. This job has probably been running for a while and the wise and the weary are not taking the bait. He should be praised for this. He is speaking honestly.He is appealing to the 'market'.Are we not now a business driven 'model'

Why this 'leaked' memo should cause Ma'am TVP and Mr Hayman such indignation is beyond me

Unless of course this just a media taster for an onslaught on the notion of police OT generally.

The Govt have made clear that our yearly wage negotiations are in their OT on the endangered list?


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