Friday, March 28, 2008


I do really start to despair as to the general lack of fibre of our 'customers'
Some of the nonsense they report as crime to police has to be seen to be believed.
Incapable of sorting their own lives out or having some sense of 'c'est la vie' they turn to the police.The Harassment Act for instance has to one of the most abused pieces of legislation going. I spent another recent chunk of my shift giving advice on someone who was screaming about a racial incident. Turns out that this individual had had a spat with someone and although no evenly remotely racial thing was said. they insisted they could tell because it was in their 'tone of voice'.

On the last set of Lates there was so much crap on the 'box'(police parlance for the computer at which we spend so much of our time) that I had to make a cup of tea and wander outside of the nick.This was firstly to get a breath of fresh air and secondly to check our traditional blue lamp was still in place and had not been replaced by some joker with a sign saying 'Reporting centre for the socially inadequate'

There's not much in the other 'box' when I get home either to cheer me up.
The last set of 'Ashes to Ashes' went out last night and I have to wait another year before I get another wave of nostalgia from the 'Gene genie'.

There was a good scene in last nights episode when DCI Hunt went 'into one' at Lord Scarman. Basically he was saying that despite whatever the government or the anguished ranks of the liberal elite try to do to us we would be unbreakable.

Stirring words but I wonder in this day and age are we? This Government is certainly trying to finish the job.

I recall ages ago, in my first few years in, it had been a particularly heavy snowfall and only myself, another PC and a skipper had managed to make it in for the 6am Early's.The skipper looked at us as we had our first cuppa and sorted our postings out. He said 'Do you know what lads, if at least one PC turns up for the start of the shift, no matter what,the job will eventually get done.He nodded up to the next floor where the senior management lived.....'it doesn't really matter whether they turn up or not'

I thought they were wise words then and they are wise words now. Unbreakable still? I'd like to think so.


Blogger PCFrankyFact said...

Shed loads going on personal job related as per norm with me fella.
I presume you are imbibing of some type of beverage to be awake at this time or maybe you've just knocked off.
I'd give my left nut for a boss like the Genie.
Rarer than a sunny day in the North East sadly.
Cheers fella.

7:09 PM  
Blogger PCFrankyFact said...

Top post.
Where did it all go?
My current Skipper was 10 when I joined 18 years ago...
Don't get me wrong, she seems to be a good egg.... Its just....I had to take some time out for sanity recently and the daily calls from work.....I swear....I could hear the pages in the manual being turned.
Do you know what I mean....?
Or am I passed my sell by date....?

7:17 PM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

How very perceptive. I had recently returned from the local and was topping up with a couple of cold ones from the fridge.

I know what you mean about the average age on the teams.
I feel very old some days.

8:31 AM  
Blogger PCSO Bloggs said...

"Do you know what lads, if at least one PC turns up for the start of the shift, no matter what,the job will eventually get done." I like that.
Still a top blog. Good stuff.

6:01 PM  

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