Friday, January 11, 2008

A bridge too fur...

According to this article as our Europeanisation continues we are now buying in hairy land sharks from over the Channel.I find it hard to believe we cant produce sufficient on our own shores but I am sure there is a lovingly prepared report by some well paid procurement advisor somewhere arguing cost efficiency.

The second paragraph of the article made me laugh. It conjured up this image of a scene in some Derbyshire court as Derbyshire police ended up glaring across the dock at a team of Berlin police dogs whilst a pair of well paid counsel argue over points of paw.( yeah OK but couldn't resist that one)

This article read like a spoof but sadly it may well be true that they had to teach the handlers to speak a few phrases to make themselves understood to the dogs they employ.
You can imagine the scene.. suspects on...area contained.. await arrival of Dog unit.. and interpreter.
Sadly I think the enthusiasm of the imported dogs may well be blunted as they adapt to our sharing,caring Police Service ways.
Indeed the Derbyshire dog handler may well be right when the dog looks surprised when he says 'let go' since some forces are so worried about the dogs actually biting some miscreant.

I hope disillusionment doesn't set in too early and at some point in the next few years we hear stories of ex-police dogs desperately trying to get back over the Channel so they can be allowed to do what they were trained to do.


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I say bite bite bite

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